’40-point victory’ Coach Hee-Jung Joo “Approval? Our fast basketball!”

“The score gap widened as we played our fast basketball without matching the opponent.”

Korea University won 91-51 in a match against Myongji University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium on the 1st. Korea University, which added one win by defeating Myongji University, rose to the top spot alone.

Coach Hee-Jung Joo said of his victory, “In the beginning, the outside shot was very good, so we went easily. The opponent played a lot of jigong games, but we didn’t match the opponent and played our fast basketball, so the score difference was wide 먹튀검증.”

He added, “Today, there were a lot of turnovers in the first half. But the defense was very good. I think I played a good game by finding a way out of the defense.”

On this day, Korea University won the victory by demonstrating its superiority in the bottom of the goal and 3-point shooting. In particular, he made 18 of 31 3-pointers and recorded a 3-point success rate of 58%.

Coach Joo said, “The players go out in the morning to practice shooting when there is no class in the morning. Even at night, they go out and train on their own. I always emphasize to look at the ring before catching the ball. The players saw a lot of rings today and the timing was good. Judging by the judgment, I think the outside shot went well.”

All players showed a high 3-point shot success rate, but Yoon Ki-chan, a freshman in the first year, stood out in particular. Yoon Ki-chan showed a strong side unlike a freshman, making 5 out of 7 3-pointers.

Director Joo said, “Since there are no 3 Park Moo-bin, Moon Jeong-hyeon, and Yang-jun in this year’s MBC boat, we are going to use (Yoon) Ki-chan as a shooter. I am thinking of using Ki-chan to play fast-paced basketball,” hinting at Yoon Ki-chan’s potential as a shooter.

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