48-104 → 90-86 in 5 innings… ‘Survival Queen’ Kim Ga-young’s class

‘Defending champion’ Kim Ga-young (Hana Card) got off to a good start towards her second straight victory.

Gayoung Kim settled in the round of 32 with first place (1.400) in the round of 64, which started as a seed on the first day of the 2022-2023 season 7th Tour Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang LPBA Championship held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province on the 17th.

It was a dramatic come-from-behind victory. Kim Ga-young showed off her best condition from the beginning of the game and was dragged by a large score difference to Yong Hyeon-ji (TS Shampoo, Puradak), who played solo. The composition of ‘1st, 3rd’ that can’t even guarantee the 2nd place. Even in the second half, the score was 48-104 up to 15 innings, with a difference of more than a double score. However, Gayoung Kim narrowed the score little by little and turned it over to 90-86 with a 7-point high run in the last ‘one cue’ caught in 69-93. With the clock already stopped, the race ended with Geary taking the lead. Kim Ga-young, who confirmed the ‘finishing reversal 1st place’, had a relatively easy position, but gave up the high run record extension and even showed manners of ending the game with a failure close to intention. 먹튀검증

There were not many people who doubted that Kim Ga-young was eliminated even when she could not get out until the middle of the game. Kim Ga-young (5 times), who won the most LPBA, holds the record for the highest survival win rate in all PBA-LPBA history. This season alone, it has passed all 13 survival matches so far. Last season, I placed second in all 12 survival matches. Excluding the first season (23-17), which was his adaptation period, it is an amazing win rate of 38 wins (0.974) out of 39 over the last three seasons. The last time he was eliminated in survival was the round of 32 at the TS Shampoo Championship held in September 2020. It hasn’t stopped for over 2 years.

Comparing with competitors during the same period, you can see how great Kim Ga-young is. Throng Piabi (3 wins, Blue One Resort), who was pushed back to second place in the season rankings, recorded 24 wins (0.800) out of 30 matches, and Lee Mi-rae (TS Shampoo, Pura Chicken) and Lim Jung-suk (Crown Haetae, Lee Sang, 4 wins) tied for second place in the most wins. ) are 27 wins (0.692) and 29 wins (0.659) in 44 matches, respectively. In terms of overall survival record, Kim Ga-young boasts an overwhelming win rate with 55 wins (0.887) in 62 matches.

Survival, which was ambitiously introduced when the PBA was launched, is similar to a local billiard game. As he scores, he steals the points of 3 other players, so his ranking fluctuates. Because you have to wait for the turn for a long time, a high degree of concentration is required because there are many variables, such as mistakes being fatal and good flow can be broken.

In fact, there were often cases where the winning candidates became victims of an accident. Frederic Kudron, the PBA winner with the most wins (seven times, welcome savings), also suffered the humiliation of packing in the first round of the Round of 128 in the 5th tour, and Piabi suffered a shocking first-round elimination in the 5th and 6th tours in a row. It was a survival game where only Kim Ga-young survived steadily, and it was a game that clearly proved why she was strong in this way.

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