68→74kg, hardened Jeon Jin-woo “Swallow bitter things, motivate U-20 member X Hyun-gyu Oh”

“I try to swallow bitter things. I learned a lot.”

‘The original Maetan Boys’ Jeon Jin-woo (24, Suwon Samsung) has definitely become stronger. Jeon Jin-woo is the future that Suwon believed in and raised. After going through Maetan Middle-Maetang High School, he made his professional debut in 2018 wearing a Suwon uniform. He made his name as a member of the 2019 U-20 World Cup runner-up. But injuries caught him off guard. He devoted himself to rehabilitation from injuries at a time when he needed to develop and grow. Jeon Jin-woo gritted it. He changed his name from Jeon Se-jin to Jeon Jin-woo ahead of the 2022 season. He also trained his body through rigorous weight training. He escaped his slender body of 1m81-68kg. He gained up to 74 kg. He still looks fragile on the outside, but he has grown one more cheek.

At the ‘2023 K-League Winter Training Media Camp’ held at Shilla Stay, Jeju on the 27th, Jeon Jin-woo said, “I think I’ve improved a lot since I changed my name last year. I still have a friend who calls me ‘Sejin.’ I think this is prettier (laughs). But I chose to change my name only after watching soccer.”

He announced his resurrection last year. He recorded 6 goals-3 assists in 25 league appearances. it’s career high Jeon Jin-woo is determined to continue the atmosphere. His uniform number will also be 14 again following 2019 and 2022. He said, “I had a lot of good memories when I played with number 14. It’s a number that coach Seo Jeong-won also used in the past. It has meaning. I want to wear number 14 and do well.”

2023 is very important to Jeon Jin-woo, who caught ‘perception’. He said, “I don’t look at the goal far away. I think what is in front of me must be achieved. Right now, I think this winter period, the first game, and the next game are important to me. 메이저사이트 If the team does not do well (Asian Games, etc.) I don’t think there is. You have to do well in the team. Now I’m trying to swallow the bitter things. I’ve learned a lot.”

For him, the U-20 World Cup runner-up member and Oh Hyun-kyu, who recently transferred to Celtic in Scotland, are all motivational targets. He said, “I try to think positively. Just because Hyun-kyu entered Europe, I don’t just think ‘I’m envious’ or ‘I’d like it’. That’s how well Hyun-kyu did. He has a competitive edge when seen abroad. I think there is a future. It motivates me a lot. I have to prepare (for the season) with excitement, thinking that I can do it too.”

“I think our team’s second line has improved a lot. As a soccer player, I think I have to compete. I think I’m still at an age where I can develop. I want to learn a lot while watching my competitors. I want to improve while showing my part. Honestly, I thought it would be nice if I could run without getting sick last year. I have a desire to do better. I experienced a lot and felt a lot. I want to show a better image based on last year’s experience. The team’s performance is natural.” .

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