After Kim Min-jae’s transfer rumors… The attitude of the local media has also changed.

It seems that I have a belief that Kim Min-jae will not leave.

One of the things that made Napoli tremble with anxiety was the transfer of Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae, the main player of Napoli this season, has recently been linked with several teams. In particular, after it was known that Min-jae Kim had a buyout clause of 50 million euros (approximately 70 billion won), the news that English Premier League (EPL) clubs with financial leeway, such as Manchester United and Liverpool, were interested in Min-jae Kim, raised Naples’ concerns. raised

Kim Min-jae was firm against transfer rumors. In an interview with Mixt Zone after the friendly match against Columbia held at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 24th, Kim Min-jae said, “The transfer rumors and the stories in the news are not true. For four or five years, transfer rumors have been coming out. “I want to focus on the team without being affected, but it’s not easy to do that because I’m constantly on the outside. It’s still uncomfortable. There are many important matches left, so I want to focus on the game now, not transfer rumors,” he said, adding that he would focus on the present. 토토사이트

I also came across Kim Min-jae’s interview in Naples. And the attitude towards Kim Min-jae’s transfer has changed. After Kim Min-jae opened his mouth about the transfer rumor, France’s ‘L’Equipe’ reported that Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) was keeping an eye on Kim Min-jae. However, local media in Naples seem to be convinced that Kim Min-jae will not leave immediately. Now, confidence in Kim Min-jae’s stay seems to be taking hold.

‘Area Napoli’, an Italian media dealing with Napoli-related news, quoted a report from ‘L’Equipe’ and said, “Kim Min-jae is one of the surprises of Napoli this season. He has become one of the reliable center backs in the football world. PSG is also interested in Kim Min-jae,” he said, saying that Kim Min-jae is having a good season and that PSG and Kim Min-jae are interested.

The media continued, “Kim Min-jae is happy to be in Naples, and he is getting along well with his new teammates and is respected by fans. Kim Min-jae’s wish is to remain with the team next season. Kim Min-jae talks about the future after 2024. I will hope to do it,” he said, predicting that Kim Min-jae would play for Napoli for at least one more season. Certainly, compared to before, he was more relaxed about the rumors of Kim Min-jae’s transfer.

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