‘Baseball Genius’ Ohtani arrives in Japan on a chartered plane… Preparing for the WBC

On the 1st, Ohtani arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, on a chartered flight from Arizona, USA, where his team’s spring camp was being held. It is known that the boarding cost of Ohtani’s chartered flight reached 10 million yen (approximately 96.15 million won).

According to local media outlets such as Sports Nippon, Ohtani showed up at Haneda Airport around 10:00 pm on the same day, and got out without giving any interviews and moved to his lodgings. While the police and bodyguards were deployed, 20 cameras and 70 reporters gathered at the airport, and countless fans gathered. According to the flight tracking app ‘Flight Radar 24’, as Ohtani’s arrival time approached, close to 30,000 fans accessed the app in real time to check his flight route and whether or not he had arrived.

Ohtani is a baseball player representing Japan. He entered the MLB (US Professional Baseball) in 2018 and doubled as pitching in earnest from 2021, winning the American League MVP (Most Valuable Player) unanimously in the 2021 season. mma 토토 Last season, he also scrambled as a pitcher and batter at the same time, leaving a surreal record of 15 wins (9 losses) and 34 home runs (95 RBIs). Ohtani became the first player in MLB history to achieve a double-digit multiplier -30 home runs, and left an unprecedented milestone of filling both the pitcher’s innings (162 innings) and the batter’s at-bats (502 at-bats).

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