‘Career best season’ Olynik returns to his home team?

Will Kelly Olinic, whose skills are in full bloom, be able to return to her home team?

Reporter Chris Forsberg of the local media ‘NBC Sports’ left on the 5th (Korean time), “The Boston Celtics are strongly interested in Utah Jazz’s center Olinic.”

Olynick was selected 13th overall in the 2013 NBA Draft. The team that picked Olinic was Boston. Olynick, who played an active role as a top-notch big man on the college stage during his Gonzaga college days, was evaluated as a piece suitable for Boston under coach Brad Stevens at the time. He was nicknamed ‘the second Nowitzki’ because he was good at shooting.

Olynick, who mainly plays as a backup big man, has been integrated into Boston’s offensive system and trusted by manager Stevens. Olly Nick, who was even praised by coach Stevens as “one of the smartest big men in the NBA,” left Boston for the Miami Heat as a free agent. She also played an active part in Miami, where she melted into the Spoelstra manager system. She played four seasons with Miami and helped the team reach the Finals in the 2019-2020 season.

Olynik, who became a free agent again, traded to the Detroit Pistons. She continued to play well after that, but injuries hampered her. She was sidelined mid-season due to a sprained Achilles tendon, and her condition has not improved since her return. Olly Nick was traded to Utah by Bojan Bogdanovic’s counterpart after her first season in Detroit. 카지노

Olynik, who moved to Utah, was like ‘meat in water’. Olly Nick went to and from my perimeter to score, and the defense based on his skill was also respected. Olynik, whose skills are in full bloom, is a big man that fits the recent NBA trend. He’s a big man, but he has a long shot and can handle the ball.

The teams aiming for Olynik are Boston and Miami. Both teams have experience using Olynik. The more desperate team seems to be Boston. Boston is showing weakness in big man depth, with Robert Williams III and Al Horford often missing through injuries. If Olynik joins, it seems to be a big help.

Olynik, who had been active as a backup all along, finally proved his worth as a starter. Will Olynik, who has grown up, be called back to his former team?

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