“Congratulations on Kim Min-jae’s transfer!”… Man Utd decides to pay ’70 billion’ for buyout

The Turkish media, which has a deep relationship with Min-jae Kim (Naples), congratulated Min-jae Kim on his transfer to Manchester United ‘in advance’. 바카라사이트

Kim Min-jae moved to Napoli from Turkiye Fenerbahce this season and has now been reborn as the best defender in Italy’s Serie A. Napoli, where Kim Min-jae kept the back door, came close to winning the league after 33 years.

Kim Min-jae’s great success was also a source of pride for Türkiye. It has increased the value of the Turkish league, and many clubs are looking for the ‘second Min-jae Kim’ in Turkey. Because of this, the Turkish media all supported Kim Min-jae’s emergency.

This time, Turkiye’s ‘Aksam’ stepped up. On the 9th (Korean time), this media published an article titled “Congratulations on Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Manchester United.”

Looking at the content, “Kim Min-jae, who reached the pinnacle of success in Naples, continues to climb the ladder of success rapidly. Kim Min-jae, who transferred from Fenerbahce to Naples, is preparing for another transfer. Kim Min-jae opened the way to a big club in Europe. We are taking one more step towards our dream.”

Also, the media said, “Kim Min-jae has been aiming for EPL transfer since Fenerbahce. Now, Kim Min-jae is preparing to transfer to Man United. reported that

In this situation, ‘Manutdnews’, which delivers the news of Man Utd, also said, “Man Utd is serious about the Naples star. 10,000 euros is an easy contract. I have no worries about Kim Min-jae adapting to the EPL.”

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