Sergio Aguero (34) explained that he was only joking about the controversy surrounding Eduardo Camavinga (20, Real Madrid).

Argentina won the long-awaited 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar final against France at Lusail Stadium in Lusail, Qatar on the 19th at 0:00 am (Korean time) after a 3-3 extra time victory and a bloody penalty shootout victory. It has been a year since they reached the top of the World Cup.

There were also familiar faces. Lionel Messi’s long-time friend Aguero also shared the joy of winning with the Argentine team. Aguero, who ended his career as a player due to a heart problem and is active as an internet broadcasting streamer, followed 토토 all the way to the mixed zone and locker room to participate in the after-party.

Meanwhile, Aguero’s remarks caused controversy. Like a streamer, he turned on a live broadcast for the fans and suddenly spat out an insulting curse, saying, “For Camavinga, that d*ckface.”

Naturally, criticism poured in. On this day, Camabinga did not cause any conflict with the Argentine players, and he did not normally make comments worthy of criticism. It is speculated that Aguero was simply trying to play on words by matching Camavinga’s name with the phrase “cara de pnga” (that dckface).

Fans pointed out that Aguero’s swearing crossed the line and was rude. A fan replied that Camavinga had won the UEFA Champions League trophy, which Aguero did not hold, and Spain’s Marca also said, “Aguero should be humble. His behavior is regrettable. Especially the French player. Especially considering the dignity they showed after losing.”

As the controversy grew, Aguero took to social media to explain. “I have no grudge against him. It was just a joke at a party,” he said.

Nonetheless, when the criticism continued, Aguero added, “You thin man don’t understand that I have no ill feelings toward black people. It’s a joke like I do on air. No offense, brother. Peace and love.”

However, Aguero’s explanation that it was just a joke without an apology wasn’t enough to calm fans’ criticism. Marca also pointed out, “Aguero made the situation clear, but did not apologize.”