Crisis after 10 years… Dodgers, Grade 3 – Falling to 10th overall

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been pushed out of the World Series title for a long time. It is the 10th out of 30 clubs. recently evaluated the history of 30 major league clubs by dividing them into 9 grades from Tier 1 to Tier 9. The Dodgers were evaluated as a third-class power, let alone a championship candidate. cited six teams as candidates for the World Series championship in the 2023 season, saying, “Unlike the past few years, this year, there are not one or two teams that are clearly at the top.”

Six teams, including the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies, San Diego Padres, Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, and New York Yankees, who faced each other in last year’s World Series, are the protagonists.

Next, the Toronto Blue Jays, St. Louis Cardinals, and Seattle Mariners were selected for the second grade. The Dodgers are a third grade lower than them. said of the Dodgers, “It wasn’t a good offseason. “One of the greatest teams of all time has to take risks.” said, “The Dodgers recorded 111 wins last year. The Dodgers are in the middle of a dynasty that rivals the greatest of all time. The Dodgers have won nine division championships over the past 10 years, and with just one second place, they have won 106 games,” he said, referring to the Dodgers’ glorious history. The atmosphere right now is a bit uncertain.”

The Dodgers watched offseason free agent shortstop Trey Turner leave on an 11-year, $300 million contract with Philadelphia, and justin Turner (Boston), their team leader, was no longer retained. 메이저사이트 pointed out, “Rather than recruiting superstars, the Dodgers focused on short-term contracts with candidates in their 30s such as Noah Syndergaard, JD Martinez, Shelby Miller, and David Perilta.”

The Dodgers didn’t spend much money last winter, probably to catch Shohei Ohtani, who will become a free agent after this season. It was different from not hesitating to sign large contracts every year.

Of course, only big contracts do not guarantee success. The Dodgers have hit the jackpot with small contracts in recent years. said, “The Dodgers may have faith that the player development system can produce good results. “To think that the Dodgers’ success came solely from high salaries (e.g. Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman) is the same as all success stories (e.g. Meg Muncy, Chris Taylor, Evan Phillips, Tyler Anderson, It is ignoring Justin Turner, etc.),” he mentioned the direction of the Dodgers.

Ahead of the opening game, the Dodgers faced a bad news that Gavin Lux, who was selected as the starting shortstop to replace Turner, was out for the season due to a knee ligament rupture.

The Dodgers did not advance to the postseason in 2012, finishing second in the National League West and third in the National League Wild Card. From 2013 to last year, it has advanced to the postseason for 10 consecutive years. said, “For the first time in 10 years, the Dodgers have to actually prove they are the Dodgers.”

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