Director Seok Jin-wook took off his training suit and appeared in a suit “I have a good memory of winning”

On the 16th, Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, where the 5th round of the 2022-2023 Dodram V League OK Financial Group and KEPCO will be held. OK Financial Group coach Seok Jin-wook, who usually commanded the game in a training suit, appeared in a neat suit.

It is to revive the good memory of winning the second round match against KEPCO on November 23 last year in a suit. Coach Seok, who met with reporters before the game, said, “I won (KEPCO) when I wore a suit once, so I tried it on today.” This is the second time coach Seok has appeared in a suit this season, including the match today.

Due to the recent sluggish performance, I want to change the atmosphere even if I change the outfit. OK Financial Group is struggling with 1 win and 5 losses in the last 6 games. In particular, in the previous game, he suffered an unexpected blow from the lowest ranked Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

Regarding the current team atmosphere, Coach Seok confessed, “All players have a desire to do it. But it is not an easy situation.” However, he made up his mind, saying, “I’m trying to trust the players because I practiced a lot.” 보증놀이터

OK Financial Group is playing the season with concerns about the apositive spiker position after the departure of Cho Jae-seong, who was involved in military service corruption on December 27 last year. I changed the position of the outside heater charge-hwan and tried to fill it somehow, but I couldn’t solve his concerns.

Director Seok said, “(Cha Ji-hwan) has done well enough as an outside heater. He also showed a good performance in terms of receiving.” .

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