Durant’s knee injury, what does the command tower’s smile mean?

Kevin Durant (Brooklyn) was out of the game due to an unexpected knee injury. However, Brooklyn coach Zach Von smiled in an official interview after the game. What does it mean?

The Brooklyn Nets won 102-101 after a close match in the 2022-2023 NBA regular league away game against the Miami Heat held at FTX Arena in Miami, Florida, USA on the 9th (Korean time). Brooklyn, 2nd in the Eastern Conference, which has been on the rise with 17 wins and 2 losses in the last 19 games, has reduced its ride against the Boston Celtics to 1 game.

It’s fortunate that we won, but it was a match that also had bad news for Brooklyn. Durant collided with Jimmy Butler as he landed after attempting a shot during the game, sustaining a blow to his right knee in the process. In the end, Durant was away for the entire fourth quarter.

Evan Jeffries, a physical therapist who saw Durant’s injury scene, said on his personal SNS, “There seems to be something wrong with the MCL (medial collateral ligament). 토토사이트 It is similar to the knee injuries he suffered twice.”

If you’re a Durant fan, it’s heartbreaking. Durant was also sidelined midway through last season after suffering a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee. Durant missed 21 games after his injury, making his comeback in about two months.

Of course, this is just an opinion after seeing the injury scene. Durant’s exact physical condition can be confirmed through a detailed diagnosis. In an interview with local media after the game, coach Bon said, “I didn’t ask Durant about his condition. He said, “I think we need to check it through a detailed diagnosis.”

What is noteworthy is the attitude director Bon took during the interview. Reporter Tim Reynolds of ‘Associated Press’ said, “It should be noted that Director Bon went into the interview with a bright expression. He couldn’t have smiled like that if he had had bad news about Durant.” Robin Lundberg, who is in charge of hosting ‘Sports Illustrated’, also said, “Coach Bon looked happy after the game. I hope Durant’s knee injury is minor.”

Durant has played an active role this season with an average of 29.7 points (55.9% field goal rate), 6.7 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 1.5 blocked shots, leading Brooklyn’s upward trend. He was seriously being talked about as a regular league MVP candidate. Durant’s absence has no choice but to act as a fatal variable for Brooklyn.

Will Durant be able to recover from his injury and come back as coach Bonn smiled? Brooklyn will play a home game against Eastern Conference 1st place Boston on the 13th.

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