EPL star married man’s affair ‘shocked’ → ‘threatened’ silenced with money after being caught → British society kicked off

A married English Premier League star was found guilty of infidelity. However, British society was shocked by the threat of money to silence the other woman.

The Sun made a headline on the 2nd, saying, ‘Married English soccer ace paid 20,000 pounds for silence to silence her lover’.

It was not revealed who the player was. Maybe it’s because I can’t reveal my real name legally. But what is clear is that she is married to a Premier League ace.

It is said that the incident was revealed on the night of the 1st, the day before. The star player’s behavior of threatening money was criticized as ‘threatening behavior’ by women’s groups.

The press called him a ‘married swindler’. He seems to have children too. Because he expressed that he was a single mother. It is said that the star player signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to his lover, paid £20,000, or about 32 million won, and ‘threatened’ him not to reveal it.

It is not stated who he is, but he is said to be a former England international. It is said that he met his current wife in 2019 before marrying him and continued their relationship after marriage.

However, when the relationship between the two was strained, it was revealed that the star player paid £500 an hour to silence her lover, hired a lawyer, and sent a warning letter to her lover. 안전놀이터

When this happened, women’s groups also rose up. A spokesperson for the group said, “We are campaigning against domestic violence. A soccer player who uses his financial power and position to legally threaten a woman is committing abuse. It is unacceptable.”

The star player’s lover also opened his mouth. At first, when it was revealed that he was married, he asked for cooperation, but claimed that he was ‘very aggressive’. She even made threats, such as saying, “I know where you live.”

The star player was then threatened with an offer of £20,000 and to delete all messages and photos.

“This player has a lot of money and is using it to silence women from telling the truth,” said an official from a women’s group.

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