Even at the age of 40, I have the guts to be strong… Greinke, 9.3 billion won for one-year contract option only

Veteran pitcher Zack Greinke (40) has revealed the terms of his renewal contract with the Kansas City Royals.

The Kansas City club officially announced the renewal of the contract with Greinke on the 4th (Korean time). The news of the contract renewal between Greinke and Kansas City was revealed through the local media on the 31st of last month. Greinke made his major league debut in Kansas City in 2004, played until 2010, and returned to Kansas City last year after 11 years.

Kansas City did not disclose the terms of the contract in detail, but ‘New York Post’ reporter John Heyman said on the day, “According to the information, Greinke and the Royals will receive an annual salary of $ 8.5 million (about 10.5 billion won) and performance incentives of $ 7.5 million (about 9.3 billion won). contracted,” he said. Depending on pitches, you can earn up to $16 million.

Greinke contemplated retirement, and Kansas City got him. If he had been dissatisfied with the contents of the contract, which had a high incentive ratio, he could have taken off his uniform without regret, but Greinke accepted the terms of the contract. Greinkee’s ‘narcissism’, always full of confidence in his own achievements, is revealed even at an age of infidelity. 스포츠토토

Greinke, who became an ace in Kansas City with 13 wins in 2008 and 16 wins in 2009, has since worked for the Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks and Houston Astros. His career record was 223 wins, 141 losses, 3247 innings, 2882 strikeouts, and an earned run average of 3.42.

Greinke won the Cy Young Award in 2009 and was selected as an All-Star six times, a Gold Glove six times, and a Silver Slugger twice, establishing herself as the best pitcher. Greinke decided to stay on the mound for another year after deciding between retiring and extending his career after last season. This year is his 20th season.

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