Hanwha, who defeated the Netherlands, succeeded in the 1st US camp, “I got the details of the defense”

The Hanwha Eagles successfully completed their 1st spring camp in Arizona, USA for 23 days.

On the 24th (Korean time), Hanwha finished the first spring camp schedule with training and Cheongbaekjeon held at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA.

On this day, which was played up to 4 times, Kim Min-woo, Birch Smith, Lee Tae-yang, Kang Jae-min, Park Joon-young, and Kim Seo-hyun took the mound to check their pitching skills. Beasts also appeared equally, raising the sense of hitting. 카지노

At the beginning of the camp, the team, which had been focusing on physical strength and technical training, entered the actual mode through two practice matches with the Dutch World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team. The results were also good with a 4-1 victory in the first game on the 20th and a 15-4 victory in the second game on the 22nd amid pitching harmony. Since last year’s Daejeon finishing camp, Hanwha coach Carlos Subero’s emphasis on defense has also improved the sense of stability.

After completing the first spring camp for 23 days, Hanwha departs from Las Vegas on the 24th, lands in Incheon on the 26th, and immediately moves to the second campsite, Okinawa, Japan.

Six actual battles await in Okinawa. Starting with the KIA game on the 28th, the next month will be the Lotte game on the 2nd, the SSG game on the 3rd, the Lotte game on the 5th, the KIA game on the 7th, the Samsung game on the 8th, and then returning home on the 9th.

Coach Subero said, “It was the first camp that produced results in various areas. We are working on details in defense and running, and both batters and pitchers have improved their actual performance.” We will prepare for the start of the season by continuing the atmosphere.”

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