Playing slots and free casino games via Facebook is no doubt one of the best things to happen in the online world of free pokies, slots and casino games – and with the release of Hearts of Vegas Slots and the ability to play Aristocrat Pokies online or on your mobile device totally free the game has just gone up a notch.

And many Hearts of Vegas players can attest to this. With millions now glued to HOV and quickly learning that the million credits wasn’t quite as awesome as thought and desperately seeking free coins, there is one commonly asked question:

Is there a legitimate way of getting Heart of Vegas Free Coins?

Many Answers – Only One Truth

The question is simple: Where can players get more HOV bonus coins? However, this simple question has multiple answers.

Players search the website for answers. And the websites have different things to say. The most common way, they say to get your hands on the Heart of Vegas bonus coins is to get the generators. For this, players need to either download and install the casino app or access the casino directly through Facebook and your mobile device

There is another answer to the question. Get the activation key codes, often a combination of numbers, alphabets and occasionally symbols. Getting the activation key codes sometimes require downloads and installation just like the process for using generators. Others provide a more straight forward process—just enter the provided key.

These are the two most common 안전놀이터 answers provided by the internet when searching on how to get HOV bonus coins for more playing time.

Is it Worth Risking a Life Ban From Heart of Vegas?

Sure, the answers may vary. But the results are almost the same. Players who have tried downloading and installing the so-called generators were left disappointed. And similarly, those who tried the key activation codes waited for nothing.

In some cases, and take note, these are not isolated cases, players who did the download and installation experienced popping ads, viruses, and slowness of their devices. And yet, for all the hassle, these players still do not have the Heart of Vegas bonus coins they wanted.

Friendships are All That Matters

They don’t call them social casino apps for nothing!

There is only one way to get the bonus coins for HOV: cultivate friendships. HOV is a social app, and as such the only way to get the free coins is to interact with more people. The process of getting bonus coins is much simpler than the download, installation, and key activation codes. One can simply invite friends to play Heart of Vegas. These friends can give you the gift of coins, and one can earn as much as five million bonus coins assuming they have at least a 100 friends playing HOV actively.

Plus, finding new friends in various groups of Facebook has its rewards, too. Join the Facebook groups for Heart of Vegas players. The people there are generous givers. They can get you the free bonus coins you need.