“Hit me until I fall down” Benghazi triggerman Anderson avoids interviews, sends meaningful messages on social media

Tim Anderson (White Sox), the bench-clearing hero who turned the field into a boxing ring, has spoken out in a tongue-in-cheek message. He avoided an interview, but instead wrote a meaningful post on Twitter (X).

The Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Cavaliers engaged in a massive bench-clearing brawl that led to chaos on Saturday at Progressive Field. It started in the sixth inning when key Cleveland player Jose Ramirez slid into second base. Anderson, the White Sox shortstop who received the throw from the outfield, tagged Ramirez, who complained that the tag was unnecessarily rough.

It started as an argument, but ended in a brawl. As Ramirez stood up and raised his voice, Anderson dropped his gloves and assumed a boxer’s stance, landing a hard right hand first. Ramirez sidestepped it and countered with a right hook. A flurry of punches followed.메이저사이트

After Anderson was taken to the dugout, the second round began. An argument between the managers turned into a real brawl. As White Sox manager Pedro Griffol and Cleveland manager Terry Francona shouted at each other, other players began to get agitated. The bench-clearing continued into the third inning, when Cleveland third base coach Emmanuel Classe and third base coach Mike Sabo started yelling at the White Sox.

Ramirez and Anderson were ejected after a fistfight. The managers of both teams, Griffol and Francona, were ejected for reigniting the flames. Coach Sabo and Classe were also sent off.

After the game, Ramirez was vocal about Anderson’s disrespectful play, which included a routine rough tag. He said, “Anderson disrespected baseball. It’s not just yesterday or today. It’s always been like that. I’ve told him before not to do that. I told him not to tag me like this because it’s disrespectful,” he explained. “He came out looking for a fight, so I have to be able to defend myself,” he said.

Anderson didn’t speak to reporters after the game and went home. Seven days later, he sent out nine tweets that appeared to refer to the incident.

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