Hosadama? Hyundai E&C, Yasmin replacement, Oni main Libero out… Can we escape the crisis against Pepper Savings Bank?

Hyundai Engineering & Construction, the leader of the V-League Women’s Division, will play an away match in the 5th round of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ with Pepper Savings Bank at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju at 7:00 pm on the 10th, amid constant bad news. They are in the lead with 21 wins and 5 losses and 60 points, but they are facing a crisis. They are sluggish with 2 wins and 3 losses in the last 5 games, including 2 losses in a row. On the 7th, as the set score was 0-3 in the home room, the difference between Heungkuk Life Insurance (20 wins and 6 losses, 60 points) and the second place disappeared. It’s just that we didn’t lose the first place because we had a lot of wins.

The crisis at Hyundai E&C stemmed from the injury of Yasmin Bedart, an apositive spiker (light), at the end of last year. Yasmin, who underwent surgery for a herniated disc, missed 11 games until the recruitment of foreign player Yvone Montaño was decided on the 6th. During this period, Hyundai Engineering & Construction won 7 wins thanks to the hard work of domestic players including veteran Hwang Yeon-ju, but as time passed, the decline in stamina became noticeable.

Montaño missed the Heungkuk Life Insurance match on the 7th because the transfer process was not completed, but is expected to play the Pepper Savings Bank match on the 10th. Kang Seong-hyung, coach of Hyundai E&C, welcomed Montaño’s joining, saying, “I wonder if we can play a better game if we have a big striker (foreign player).”

But again, power loss occurred. Starting player Kim Yeon-gyeon was injured during the Heungkuk Life Insurance match on the 7th. In the last minute of the 2nd set, he caught his right ankle and collapsed. As a result of the examination, the right ankle ligament was partially torn, requiring treatment for more than two weeks. According to a club official, it may take a longer time to recover as it will be reexamined after observing the situation for two weeks. 슬롯사이트

Kim Yeon-gyeon’s departure could be more fatal than Yasmin’s absence. He has been performing at the top of the league in defense, ranking 1st in Digg (5.788 per set) and 4th overall in defense (7.626). In fact, Hyundai E&C collapsed helplessly in the 3rd set of Heungkuk Life Insurance without Kim Yeon-gyeon. In addition, Hwang Min-kyung, an outside hitter (left) with a large contribution to receiving, also has a bad back.

The Pepper Savings Bank War became important. We have to play the game with the strong organization and defensive power that have supported Hyundai E&C so far. If you lose points, you can give the lead to Heungkuk Life Insurance, which faces IBK Industrial Bank on the 11th.

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