How Addiction Impacts Your Health

Addiction is a devastating illness that can cause permanent brain damage and other serious health conditions that will negatively impact your life. The health impacts of addiction can be severe depending on the length of abuse, amounts taken, and the substance type. Some drugs, like fentanyl-laced opioids, can be fatal with one dose. Fortunately, there are several treatment programs that can successfully treat some of the long-term effects of addiction.

Finding an addiction treatment center to aid in the recovery process is the smart choice to make when the addiction is causing significant problems at home and at work. An accredited treatment center offers a wide range of treatment options that include detox, residential, and outpatient treatment programs. Patients will participate in group and private therapy sessions to learn all about addiction and its devastating effects. To discover the best ways to treat some of the long-term effects of addiction, reach out to a treatment center near you today.

What Are the Health Impacts of Addiction?
When you abuse drugs or alcohol, you are changing the delicate chemical balance within your body. These changes will cause strong withdrawal symptoms and cravings when you stop the abuse, which can last several weeks. Without medical support during detox, symptoms will peak around 48-72 hours and can be deadly. Delirium tremens and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome are two symptoms of abuse that is often fatal if not properly treated.

Addiction affects each person in unique ways. Those who experience depression and anxiety or are under a lot of stress will use drugs and alcohol to feel better and are more likely to become addicted. No matter your personal beliefs about addiction, drug and alcohol abuse can cause a serious problem that can lead to life-threatening conditions. Some of the physical and mental health impacts of addiction include:

Lung disease
Heart disease
Sexual dysfunction
Self-harming behavior
Suicidal thoughts
Addiction is a devastating illness that affects millions of adults each year. The health impacts of addiction can greatly reduce your quality of life and may require lifetime medication and therapy.

The Benefits of Enrolling in an Addiction Treatment Program
There are many benefits of enrolling in an addiction treatment program. Patients learn how to cope with the thoughts and feelings that started the addiction and develop healthy coping skills to lead a more fulfilling life.

When you enroll in an addiction treatment program, here are some of the benefits you will experience:

Patients will detox in 안전놀이터 a safe and supervised environment where medical staff will administer medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
The chances of relapse are greatly reduced.
Therapists will go over how addiction affects patients physically and mentally.
During recovery, patients will participate in behavioral therapy to address the issues that led to the addiction and develop healthy coping skills to manage their symptoms and cravings.
In group therapy sessions, patients will practice coping and communication skills through various games and activities. They will also listen to valuable feedback from their peers who bring a unique life perspective in treating addiction.
Patients and their families will have a chance to rebuild trust and any broken relationships caused by the addiction.
As patients progress through the program, they learn healthy life skills that will promote a sober lifestyle.
Patients will increase their confidence and self-esteem and be able to handle any stressful situation that life throws at them.
There are several health impacts of addiction that can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life. By enrolling in an addiction treatment program, patients can begin rebuilding their lives and stop letting their addiction consume them.

Find a Treatment Center to Treat the Long-Term Effects of Addiction
An accredited addiction treatment center specializes in supporting individuals and their families who are struggling with addiction and any depression, social anxiety, or other disorders that are causing it. When you first arrive at a facility, they will perform a full assessment to determine the best treatment programs for the severity of the addiction. In cases of severe withdrawals and cravings, medication is used to minimize the symptoms that are getting in the way of recovery.

Search online for an addiction treatment center today to begin recovery and reduce the harmful impacts of addiction.

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