How did Kim Ha-sung trade… The greatest strikeout machine of all time, will it escape from eating and running?

Kim Ha-seong’s (28) team belongs to San Diego. No wonder there is a lot of talk about San Diego during the offseason. But this week the flow was quite different. Rather, he became a player closer to Boston.

This is because it has been mentioned as a potential trade card that Boston can target. Boston eventually transferred after Zander Bogarts, who had firmly held the position of shortstop for the team until last year, obtained the qualification as a free agent (FA). He signed a super long-term contract with San Diego for 11 years and a total of 280 million dollars (approximately 348.6 billion won). This is the beginning of the need to reinforce the shortstop from the local media.

What Kim Ha-seong is connected to is reasonable in many aspects. First of all, San Diego got a solid shortstop in Bogarts. This is the reason why the analysis says, “We can put Kim Ha-sung and Trent Grisham on the trade market.” Kim Ha-seong is a player whose annual salary is not expensive, his contract has two years left, at least his defense is solid, and he has the potential to develop in offense. 바카라사이트.It seems fate that Boston and Kim Ha-sung are tied.

In the process, the name of Chris Sale (34) was mentioned and it became a hot topic. In order to trade, Boston must also present a card, but local media predicted that the sale would be an appropriate card, fueling the rumor. Of course, we don’t know if Boston actually thinks so, but this could also be a reasonable estimate.

First of all, there were reports that Boston put the sale on the trade market last December. Even if you don’t trade right away, the card is read with the will to be able to guess. Here, San Diego needs more solid starting pitchers. There are three starting pitchers – Darvish Yu, Blake Snell, and Joe Musglobe – but the 4th and 5th starters are poor. We also need a clear ace in the postseason. San Diego right now is not a team that saves money.

However, it is a point where we can see that the status of the sale has fallen significantly, whether or not the actual trade is concluded. If Sale is still playing well and leading the Boston mound, there can be no trade rumors. However, after signing a multi-year contract with Boston, the downhill is clear.

Sale, who signed a five-year contract for a total of $145 million (about 180.5 billion won) ahead of the 2020 season, was unable to perform properly due to an injury. A problem with his elbow eventually forced him to operate, and his appearances in just 11 games over the past two years have been limited. As his injury problem continues to emerge, it is also difficult to gauge his performance in 2023. A pitcher who has been broken once cannot ignore the tendency to continue to be broken without most of his former form recovering.

Sale made a name for himself as the ‘strikeout machine’ representing the league. He debuted with the Chicago White Sox in 2010 and threw a fastball with his dynamic form, striking out 2064 times in his career. His strikeout rate of 11.1 per 9 innings is the highest in major league history. He recorded 114 wins and 75 losses with an earned run average of 3.03 in 323 games in his career. However, in the past two years, much of that majesty has disappeared. Now, everyone is questioning the possibility of Seil’s resurgence.

Sale has $27.5 million in salary left in 2023 and 2024, with a vesting option of $20 million in 2025. Boston should take advantage of the sale for at least two more years. $27.5 million may not sound like a lot of money at today’s prices if Sale is back on track. However, it is an uneasy contract for Boston, which has only won five games over the past two years despite paying $60 million. Whether Sale can restore his honor is a major league interest in 2023.

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