Hunt for the first save of the season before Kim Seo-hyun. “I was thrilled” even on the first pitch. Yeomgalyang’s eyes were accurate

LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop’s eyes and judgment were accurate. A pitcher whom I watched even before being nominated as a pro and recommended him to the Asian Games national team. After coming to LG, he was the only rookie to be included in the first-team camp in Arizona, and he was consistently used in demonstration games, revealing in advance that he entered the first-team entry before the opening game. He took the mound from the opening game to test his potential, and even in the early stages of sluggishness, he steadily pitched to help him adapt to the professional stage.

As a result, the rookie pitcher recorded his first hold, first win, and first save within a month of opening, quickly becoming a key bullpen pitcher for LG. Sidearm Park Myeong-geun (19), who is 1m74 tall, can throw a fast ball close to 150km, the main character.

Park Myeong-geun took a job in Changwon. On the 2nd, NC Dinos matched 2-2 at the bottom of the 6th inning, blocking the center batting line with a tripartite and becoming the winning pitcher. took care of His first win and first save in his debut were made in two days.

On the 3rd, coach Jeon Yeom said, “The finishing pitcher will be prepared differently depending on the game situation that day. The reason was simple. It’s because he’s in the best condition lately. Park Myung-geun is recording a scoreless streak of 9 games until the save on the 3rd. He also raised his speed, up to 149 km on the 2nd and 148 km on the 3rd.

His bold pitching, which is not like a high school graduate rookie, draws attention. Even in the 3rd game, he took the mound with a 1-run lead, but easily overpowered the center batting line. Park Min-woo, who hit a solo home run that day, was caught with a fly in left field after two pitches, and Park Gun-woo, who hit a solo home run on the day, was struck out on a swing with a fast ball of 148km. In addition, Cheon Jae-hwan, number 5, was also out with a fly in center field and recorded his first save in his debut.

In 2021, after Jang Ji-hoon of SSG Landers, a high school graduate rookie recorded a save in two years. In LG, it is the first slope in 4 years since Jung Woo-young in 2019.

In the interview after the game, I could understand why coach Yeom recommended him. Park Myung-geun, who expressed his feelings, said, “I didn’t know how to win or save so quickly, but the coach actively used it, so I think there was a good result.” I tend to go in without seeing it, so I think I was more excited than nervous.” He also said, “There was no big difference in the bottom of the ninth inning. I threw with the mindset that there would be good results if I always trusted the catchers and the fielders’ defense and threw.”

He cited adaptation as the reason for getting out of the sluggishness in the early stages and making good pitching recently. Park Myung-geun, who said, “I showed a very bad appearance in the beginning, so I thought about doing well today rather than thinking good things.” “I listened to my brothers advice a lot, and I think I got better as I got used to the stadium while playing and thinking about what kind of baseball I should play.” said.

Park Myeong-geun, who made a surprising remark about pitching in a crisis situation, saying, “I’ve been pitching in such a situation since high school, so I don’t feel too burdened.” . 바카라사이트

I recorded all of my wins, holds, and saves. When asked when I was happiest, the answer unexpectedly came out as a hold. “I did all three, but I recorded the hold first. I think I was the happiest when I did the first hold,” he laughed.

He was a young player, not even 20 years old, but he was determined. LG is expected to have difficulties with the bullpen for a while due to Ko Woo-seok’s injury. Park Myeong-geun said, “(The late) Woo-seok hyung wasn’t there even at the beginning of the season. At that time, I didn’t know how big Woo-seok hyung’s absence was. So I think if the rest of the bullpen hyungs gather strength and throw, Wooseok will be able to fill the void left by him.”

When he left for Arizona spring camp, he said, “I’m a little short (1m 74) but I would appreciate it if you recognized a player who can do it confidently.” He expressed his determination to the fans. LG fans as well as baseball fans have now come to know Park Myung-geun.

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