‘Hwang Hee-chan’s teacher’ Marsh, ‘humiliation hard’… Liz already found a new director?

Leeds United (Leeds) has sacked coach Jesse Marsh, who coached Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton Wanderers) in the past. He has been in charge for less than a year.

Leeds announced on the 7th (Korean time), “I will no longer accompany Marsh.” The reason for hardship is sexual sluggishness.

Recently, Leeds haven’t won a single win in seven English Premier League (EPL) matches. Ranked 17th. In the end, he made the extreme choice of ‘hardening the director’. 슬롯사이트

Marsh, who worked with Hwang Hee-chan at Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig in the past, took the Leeds command tower in March last year. As the successor to manager Marcelo Bielsa, he signed a contract with Leeds for three years and three months until June 2025, but he had to put down the baton early.

Rene Maric, Cameron Toshak and Pierre Barriou, who had joined the coaching staff with Marsh, also left the team. However, Michael Scubala, Paco Gallardo and Chris Armas, who joined the Leeds coaching staff last week, will remain with the team.

Reporter Fabricio Romano, who is familiar with the European transfer market, gave hints about the next Leeds head coach. On this day, through his SNS, he first dismissed the rumors of Bielsa’s return that took place right after Marsh’s dismissal, saying, “Director Bielsa’s return seems impossible at the moment.”

“Leeds are considering West Bromwich Albion manager Corberan as one of their candidates,” he said.

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