“I also danced”… Lee Young-ha’s ‘passion of bad habits’ is wrong, why is it not clear?

“I think we all made fun of each other. My motivation was the same, and I didn’t even sing, but I danced.”

Doosan Bears right-hander Lee Young-ha (26) did not think that what started as a joke in school would become a bad habit and stand before the court 10 years later. On the 3rd, she attended the 6th trial related to school violence held at the Western District Court in Seoul, Gongdeok-dong, Seoul, and made a final statement with the accused newspaper. Lee Young-ha, who sat in the defendant’s seat during six trials from September 21 last year and only listened to the statements of five prosecution witnesses and one defendant witness, including the victim, spoke for the first time that day.

She is indicted without detention by the prosecution on charges of special assault, coercion, and blackmailing Mr. When her first case was known, Mr. A insisted that Lee Young-ha force her to make her feel sexually ashamed, and if she refused, she would assault her or make her other juniors or classmates beat her in the head. It formed her sympathetic public opinion.

Mr. A vomited her anger, saying that when Lee Young-ha called her name, she made her answer with the nickname of her ‘nipple’ and even forced her to sing and dance. Prosecutors’ witnesses who attended the 2nd to 5th trials, as well as the defendant’s witnesses who attended the 6th trial, consistently stated that when Mr. A called his name, he answered with a nickname. Even Lee Young-ha, who insisted on her innocence, did not deny this.

However, Lee Young-ha insists that it was the practice of the baseball club, and that there was no fact that he was assaulted or given an idiot when he refused. Lee Young-ha himself had the nickname ‘Lee Kwang-soo’, and he stated that he also danced from time to time. He also said that this practice of the baseball club existed before victim A entered school. Witnesses who appeared in court each had a nickname, such as Mr. A and Young-ha Lee.

Lee Young-ha said, “(Responding to nicknames) was what my seniors asked me to do since I was in the first grade before my victim friend entered school. I also had a nickname, and it wasn’t done in a serious atmosphere. There was nothing serious or beaten.” It meant that only Mr. A was not particularly teased.

The judge asked Lee Young-ha an additional question, saying, “It seems that the victim had to sing and dance even further (rather than custom), but was there a special reason for the victim to do so?”

Lee Young-ha said to Lee Young-ha, “I don’t know, but I don’t think the student who claimed to be a victim at the time had a good friendship. I think we teased each other. I didn’t even sing, but I did dance. My classmates and juniors did too.”

At the time, it seems difficult to deny that the baseball team members, including Lee Young-ha, did not feel a big problem, and that it was left as a scar on victim A. Anyway, Lee Young-ha is currently paying the price for inheriting bad habits, and regarding this issue, he said, “I am reflecting and I am sorry.”

However, Lee Young-ha’s side does not admit the rest of the charges at all. In the case of special assault, where the crime is the heaviest, there is a high possibility of being acquitted. Victim A claimed that on August 19, 2015, Lee Young-ha and his classmate Kim Dae-hyeon (26, LG Twins) forcibly put A’s finger into an electric fly swatter. He proved his alibi that he wasn’t there.

Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun were selected as youth representatives at the time and trained together in Gunsan, North Jeolla Province from August 17 to 25, 2015, and departed for Osaka, Japan on the 26th to participate in the World Youth Baseball Championship. However, Mr. A insisted that he went down to Busan with Lee Young-ha to participate in the association long-term high school baseball tournament held on August 21, 2015, but Lee Young-ha was not on the list of guests at the Busan lodging where Sunrin Internet High players stayed at the time. Kim Dae-hyun, who was tried by military court because he was a soldier, was acquitted of the above charges in January.

메이저놀이터 The same goes for home-room harassment. Mr. A said that from August to September 2015, Lee Young-ha ordered cleaning and laundry in the room where he lived with his classmate. Lee Young-ha’s father submitted evidence to the mother of a classmate who lived with Lee Young-ha that the rent was paid in installments until June 2015.

Witness B, the defendant’s witness, who stayed with Lee Young-ha’s room until June 2015, stated, “I don’t remember that victim A visited me while I was staying in my room. I remember that I did most of the cleaning when I was living.”

Lee Young-ha’s side claims innocence of the charges of extorting ramen and giving spirit to the victim during the training camp in Taiwan in February 2015. Mr. A claimed that Lee Young-ha extorted ramen and cheered up 6 to 7 of her juniors during the training camp in Taiwan. However, witnesses excluding the victim consistently testified that “they do not know about the extortion of ramen.” However, he said that there was a fact that Lee Young-ha gathered the players as the pitching team leader.

Regarding the Taiwan training set, Lee Young-ha said, “I had a set. I was in charge of the pitcher’s team at that time, and there were requests from the coach and manager, so I conveyed those things. I’m not gathering to do it. When I had something to say, I called it to my room.”

It is true that Lee Young-ha passed on the bad habit, but it is true that the other charges claimed by the victim are unclear. In his last statement, Lee Young-ha said, “I am reflecting on the things I need to reflect on. I am sorry, and on the contrary, there are many things that I think are not true. He wasn’t a good senior, but I was not sure if he had acted badly or acted so severely as to stand in court. That’s why I don’t know yet.”

Prosecutors asked Lee Young-ha to be sentenced to two years in prison. The court is expected to make a final ruling on the 31st.

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