“I have to lower the SON bench and start Richarlison…I have to make a big decision”

Son Heung-min’s sluggishness was pointed out.

Son Heung-min is breathing a sigh of regret this season. He was not able to show off the dignity of the top scorer last season, and there are many opinions that he should prepare a stepping stone for a reversal of the atmosphere through a short break.

Because of this, he has to use Hisharli Song as a starting resource, and the prospect that he will be pushed out of the competition with Arnaud Danjuma is dominant.

Gabriel Agbonlaher, who played in the English Premier League (EPL) and is now a football pundit, felt the same way.

Agbonlaher pointed out through the British media ‘Football Insider’, “I saw Son Heung-min in the match against Fulham, but something was lacking.”

Then, he mentioned his sluggishness, saying, “Son Heung-min always looked sharp, but he doesn’t seem to have confidence lately.” 슬롯사이트

Coach Antonio Conte is also of the opinion that Richarlison should be chosen over Son Heung-min for the team.

Agbonlaher said, “If I were manager Conte, I would put Son Heung-min on the bench and give Richarlison a chance to start.”

He continued, “It’s a big decision, but if it were me, I would put Son Heung-min on the bench,” he emphasized his opinion.

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