I jumped 5 times… Kim Min-jae ‘ransom’ How many center backs do you rank in the world?

Kim Min-jae’s stock price skyrocketing does not know how to stop.

According to ‘Transfer Markt’, a soccer statistics media that sets the ransom by reflecting the recent performance of soccer players, Kim Min-jae’s ransom price has risen from 35 million euros (about 49.3 billion won) to 50 million euros (about 70.3 billion won). did.

Considering that he recorded a ransom of 11 million euros (approximately 15.4 billion won) a year ago at the time he belonged to Türkiye Fenerbahce, it can be seen that the ransom has risen nearly five times in a short period of time.

Kim Min-jae, who joined Italian Serie A Napoli ahead of the 2022/23 season, is truly outrageous.

His ability was recognized by receiving the Player of the Month award two months after his Serie A debut, and Napoli is leading the league with an overwhelming lead thanks to Kim Min-jae’s performance, and eventually the transfer mark recognized this performance and raised Kim’s ransom vertically made it

It is even more surprising when you check the ransom rankings of center backs around the world. With a ransom of 50 million euros, Kim Min-jae has become the 15th most expensive center back in the world. Among players who recorded the same ransom as Kim Min-jae, there are center backs such as Lisandro Martinez (Manchester United) and Gabriel Magalyangis (Arsenal).

It was not only the ransom that proved Kim Min-jae’s performance. Kim Min-jae has recently been receiving rave reviews from celebrities in the soccer world, and Park Ji-seong, Korea’s first premier leaguer and national team senior, also joined the praise relay for Kim Min-jae.

On the 21st, in an interview with the Italian media ‘Tutomercato Web’, Park Ji-seong, who was asked about Kim Min-jae, praised him, saying, “Kim Min-jae has great talent and is a very special player.” 스포츠토토

He also replied, “Kim Min-jae and Napoli can win the UEFA Champions League,” and evaluated him as someone with experience in winning the Champions League.

After recruiting Kim Min-jae, Napoli, which is on a winning streak, is running toward its first Serie A championship in 33 years, and is having the best season, advancing to the quarterfinals in the Champions League.

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