“I’m doing well in the land of garbage” Smith, who left Hanwha, throws harsh words at the point of glass body

Former Hanwha Eagles foreign pitcher Birch Smith (33, USA), who had the disgrace of being the first foreign player to be kicked out of the KBO League in the 2023 season, is having a conversation online with a baseball fan and calling Korea a “garbage country” and causing controversy. .

On the 20th, an English conversation was captured and uploaded to an online baseball community through a social network service (SNS) messenger. Poster A claimed that the photo was a conversation with Smith and wrote, “I was going to do medical tourism from the beginning.”

Looking at the picture, Mr. A said “good bye injury prone man” and Birch Smith said ““Bye bye! Have fun in your garbage country.” Interpreted, it can be interpreted that when a fan sarcastically said, “Goodbye,” saying, “I’m going to have a glass body (referring to a player who is prone to injuries),” Smith expressed his displeasure by saying, “Have a good time in the garbage country (Korea).” 메이저사이트

As the details of this conversation spread, some baseball fans criticized Smith’s radical remarks, saying, “Why are you going out like that?” and “Is it wrong to be a glass body to a glass body?” On the other hand, another fan pointed out, “I’m going to provoke you first, but can you say something good?”

Smith, who joined Hanwha with a total annual salary of $1 million ahead of the 2023 season, complained of shoulder pain in the opening game against Kiwoom Heroes on the 1st and went down the mound in 3 innings. Afterwards, Smith, who was diagnosed with microscopic muscle damage during a hospital examination, was eventually disengaged from the battle line.

Later, on the 19th, Hanwha requested the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) to disclose a waiver for Smith. Even during his time with Seibu Lions in Japan last year, injury issues followed Smith.

Meanwhile, on the 20th, one day after the waiver announcement, Hanwha hired Ricardo Sanchez (26, Venezuela) for an annual salary of $400,000.

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