Independent club FC Abneil adds diversity by recruiting 3 foreign players

A trio of foreign players joined FC Abneil, an independent club founded in 2018.

In line with the diversity of a global independent club, FC Abnil is accompanied by three rare foreign players in K3 and K4. Philip, a Danish national with European professional experience, Alio, who has a Nigerian father and a Japanese mother, and Thomas, who has a Canadian father and Korean mother, are expected to hit the ground vigorously with three players. 카지노사이트

FC Abnil is the first global independent club in Korea, and it is a ‘professional training center’ where players who are sweating to challenge themselves every year gather to train and play. Players aiming to advance not only to the domestic K-League but also to overseas professional leagues in Southeast Asia, North and Central America, and Europe are gathering for their dreams. FC Abnil aims to guide players so that they can advance without giving up on their dreams by serving as a bridgehead for players to advance to the professional level through professional coaching and training, and practice games with domestic professional teams. is doing

In FC Abneil, Seo Do-hyeop joined Daegu FC in the 2023 season, and Park Seong-hyun signed a contract with Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2022, and is achieving desired results, such as making his debut in K1.

The newcomer to the team, Phillip, played professionally for Randers FC in Denmark and until recently played for the University of Wisconsin, an American college Division 1 club. Philip said, “I boldly gave up my college life in the US and came to Korea to challenge Korea’s high professional level. The reason why he joined FC Abnil was that although it is an independent club, he could improve his performance through training comparable to the professional level and various practice games, and it was located in the city center, so he judged that it had good accessibility. He chose FC Abneil to challenge himself on the professional stage.”

Choi Seong-hwan, coach of FC Abneil, said, “In this 2023 season, we will try to be a lubricant on the journey so that players can find their dreams through many practice matches with domestic professional teams. A variety of players have newly joined this season, and we will try to provide better quality training programs in line with this diversity. In addition, we have relocated to Songpa-gu, and we will actively work for the development of Songpa-gu through programs that can communicate and be together with residents.”

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