It was always a close win within 2 points… 8-point balance that made the command tower laugh

Samsung Lions manager Park Jin-man had a puzzled look ahead of the Daegu Lotte game on the 16th.

This is because Kim Tae-goon, who had been in good shape for a long time, also suffered a serious injury following the expungement of Kim Tae-gun due to hepatitis hospitalization the day before. 메이저놀이터

On the 15th, the previous day, he sprinted to first base against Lotte and suffered damage to his left quadriceps muscle. An additional examination is required on the 17th, but when confirmed, a gap of more than two months is inevitable.

Park Jin-man, director of Samsung, said with a worried expression, “The MRI results don’t look good.” “At first, I thought I had sprained my ankle,” he said.

Coach Park, who is usually resolute, could not hide his embarrassment at the long-term departure of key players such as Kim Hyun-joon, Kim Jae-seong, Kim Tae-goon, and Kim Dong-yeop. He said, “I’m in a crisis because I’ve missed too many,” and promised, “I’ll try to organize the team well so that the newcomers can show their worth.”

A situation where the team atmosphere could sink. However, Samsung won a great 9-1 victory on this day with a balance of pitching.

Won Tae-in won his first win of the season with a good pitching of 6⅔innings and 1 run, and the batting line burst intensively in the 5th and 6th innings and won easily without using the bullpen. 5 wins and 8 losses. It was the day we won by the largest margin of victory. The previous four victories were all close victories within two points.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man, who played a comfortable match, said after the game, “Won Tae-in threw well like an ace. Players showed concentration on the other line and lightened Won Tae-in’s shoulders.” The atmosphere seems to be on a good trend,” he said. Director Park continued, “I also thank the fans who sent a lot of support on Sunday,” and expressed his gratitude to the 16,076 home fans who visited Rapac for the holiday.

After taking a day off, Samsung will play six consecutive away games, including the Gocheok Kiwoom match and the Gwangju KIA match, from the 18th.

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