“It’s a best-case scenario” San Diego Ando almost lost Hae-Sung Kim to Machado

San Diego Padres infielder Kim Ha-seong has been sidelined due to the aftereffects of an injury.

According to local media, including Major League Baseball’s official website, Kim did not start against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in New York City on Sunday (June 27) due to the aftermath of his injury the day before. 토토사이트

Kim was hit in the left knee by a foul ball in his first at-bat of the second inning against the Washington Nationals on June 26. Kim went down in excruciating pain and was unable to get up. He refused to allow trainers to touch the sore spot. Kim was soon helped off the field and replaced.

Kim went to the hospital for a checkup, and luckily for him, an X-ray revealed that it was just a bruise with no broken bones. “When I was hit by the first pitch, I thought the worst,” Kim said in a postgame interview. But fortunately, the results were good, much better than I expected. I was told there was no damage to the bone,” he said.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on July 27, “Kim played wide in the outfield at Yankee Stadium. He is not in the starting lineup today but is expected to play tomorrow. He is wearing a compression bandage on the knee he injured yesterday.”

San Diego manager Bob Melvin said, “We expect him to be able to start tomorrow.” “He got hit really hard yesterday, but (the day off) is the best case scenario for San Diego,” said A.J. Casavalle, a reporter for Major League Baseball’s website.

Since making his major league debut in 2021, Kim has had a healthy season so far without a trip to the disabled list. His biggest goal in the majors is to stay healthy and play as many games as possible. After suffering a minor injury, Kim is ready to take the field again.

Meanwhile, with starting third baseman Manny Machado out with a fractured back of his hand and Kim at third base in the meantime, Lugedad O’Dowd, who has played mostly second base and right field this season, started at third base in the 27th game, with Jake Cronenweth at second and Fernando Tatis Jr. in right.

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