Jeonbuk Asia Pacific Masters opening ceremony tomorrow in Jeonju

토스카지노 The opening ceremony of the Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters will be held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium tomorrow (13th) at 6pm.

This event, with the theme of ‘Resonance of New Change’, will feature a drone show and congratulatory performances by famous singers such as Jinseong, Jeollabuk-do’s public relations ambassador, Yeongtak, Oh My Girl, and Na Tae-joo.

International Masters Association President ‘Sergey Bubka’ and domestic and foreign sports stars such as Park Seong-hyun, Hyun Jung-hwa, and Kim Dong-moon will also attend.

Jeollabuk-do is expected to attract 15,000 people to the opening ceremony, which is more than expected, and plans to create temporary parking lots nearby and increase the number of city buses.

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