Kart team faces upheaval ahead of drift league

A change of perception is taking place in the Kartrider team.

With the end of Kartrider service and the start of Kartrider: Drift, many changes are blowing in the professional team. 먹튀검증

First of all, former DFI Blaze coach Moon Ho-Jun announced the return of the players, and the DFI Blaze announced the termination of contracts with all players. After his retirement, he continued his relationship with the Kart Rider League as a manager, but announced his decision to return as a player upon the news of the launch of Kart Rider: Drift League.

Guangdong Freecs went through the most changes, but managed to cope quickly. He succeeded in renewing contracts with individual winners Lee Jae-hyuk and Noh Jun-hyun, but broke up with Yoo Young-hyeok, Song Yong-jun, and Lee Eun-taek. However, Yoo Young-hyeok plans to continue his relationship as an African TV partner BJ. Guangdong Freecs succeeded in quickly filling the vacancy. The three vacancies were successfully signed with Bae Seong-bin and Yoo Chang-hyun, former DFI Blaze graduates. 먹튀검증

The last champion of Kart League, Liv Sandbox, also unintentionally organized some of the players. Live Sandbox, which enjoyed its heyday by winning consecutive championships in Season 2 and the Super Cup in 2022, faced weakening power due to Kim Seung-tae’s military enlistment. However, in preparation for Kim Seung-tae’s vacancy, Kartrider: Drift League was recruited by Kim Ji-min, who had two team matches.

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