kia establishes inc coffee defensive player of the week award

Kia Tigers introduces the INC COFFEE Defensive Player of the Week Award.

The Kia Tigers announced on the 15th that they will be awarding the ‘INC COFFEE Weekly Defense Award’ to select players who have played good defense during the week. The INC COFFEE Weekly Defense Award will be given to two players each week, with a prize of 1 million won. In the first week of June, Lee Chang-jin and Shin Beom-soo were selected for the defense award, and Ryu Ji-hyuk and Lim Ki-young were selected for the second week.” 먹튀검증

Specifically, KIA said, “Lee Chang-jin made a great catch in the eighth inning of the game against Lotte on June 3 to prevent a run from scoring by chasing down a ball that went beyond his height. Shin Bum-soo has been a regular starter since he joined the first team, showing good chemistry with the pitching staff and protecting the team’s defense. Ryu Ji-hyuk turned a double play with runners on first and second in the fifth inning against SSG on April 6, ending the inning without a run. Lim Ki-young was solid on the mound with two strikeouts and one walk in three and a third innings without allowing an earned run.”

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