Kim Min-jae’s retirement from the national team…”I want to focus only on my team”

Kim Min-jae’s retirement from the national team…”I want to focus only on my team”
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‘Monster Defender’ Kim Min-jae is shocking by suggesting retirement from the national team. Although he did not directly express his intention to ‘retire’, he expressed his desire to focus only on his team, which is interpreted as an intention to retire from the national team.

In an interview in the joint coverage area (Mixed Zone) after the evaluation match against Uruguay yesterday (28th), Kim Min-jae expressed regret over his defensive organization, saying, “It was a game I had to win, but it’s a pity that I couldn’t win.” Afterwards, when asked by reporters, “It looks difficult,” he said, “I’m just having a hard time right now and I’m in a state of mental collapse.” He then expressed his intention to retire from the national team, saying, “I plan to focus only on my team, not for the time being.”

In response to Kim Min-jae’s sudden remark, I asked, “Is it mentally difficult because of transfer rumors?”, he replied, “No. It’s just football-wise and physically difficult, and I want to focus on my team rather than the national team.”스포츠토토

When asked if it was coordinated with the Football Association, Kim Min-jae sighed and said, “I can’t say that it has been coordinated. I was talking to (with the association) a little bit… I’ll do just that.” After finishing the interview, he left the Mixed Zone. went out

Min-jae Kim, who has become the nucleus of Italy’s Serie A defense, is driving his team Napoli’s lead in the league with his peak skills this season.

Kim Min-jae’s remarks about retirement from the national team are interpreted as a statement that he wants to focus more on his team ahead of the championship competition at the end of the season. As such, rather than leading to actual retirement, there is a possibility that a plan to temporarily be excluded from the list of future national team evaluation matches may be reviewed.

Kim Min-jae, who debuted in A-match in August 2017, played in 49 A-matches until yesterday against Uruguay.

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