Korea University doing its best until the end, was the 4th quarter disappointing?

It is good to do our best until the end even though Korea University has decided the match. You need to take a look at the contents.

In the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League, Korea University won three consecutive games by 30 points or more. Considering the strength of Yonsei University, where Lee Joo-young and Lee Chae-hyeong were injured, there is a high possibility of winning the regular league championship, which they did not achieve last year.

Before the game against Chosun University on the 22nd, Korea University coach Joo Hee-jeong said, “I plan to do my best in small things. Today (22nd), I think it is Yonsei University and try to use the prepared defense.”

Even in professional basketball, when a foreign player or a key player in the opposing team is missing, they are often caught off guard and enter the game. Because of this, at the beginning of the game, there are cases where it struggles or rather loses.

Coach Joo Hee-jung wants Korea University players, who have a clear advantage over their opponents, to have the mindset of always doing their best regardless of the opponent’s strength from the university stage.

After winning against Chosun University, Moon Jung-hyun said, “I focused on today’s game more than other games. Coach, the coach said that when a tiger catches a rabbit, it sprints to catch it. He played with 120% of his power against Chosun University,” he said, conveying his mindset in the game.

Korea University, which defeated Chosun University by 112-47, 65 points, continued this attitude in the home game against Hanyang University on the 27th. The result was 93-52, a victory by 41 points.

After winning against Hanyang University, coach Joo Hee-jeong said, “I like that no matter who enters, they do their best until the end. Skills can develop even after going pro. I want to praise that mindset regardless of skills.”

As Coach Joo Hee-jeong said, even when the match was decided, the KU players did not back down and focused on scoring. 바카라사이트

However, it is questionable whether the process of scoring was the best way. The team play was not visible, and the play full of goal scoring was glimpsed.

Was coach Joo Hee-jung satisfied with this content at the end of the game?

Coach Hee-jeong Joo said, “(The content at the end of the game) is not the basketball I want. There is a motion offense, so you have to do it. The difference in scores has widened, but if you keep pointing out and shouting out loud, it’s not even polite to your opponent. I just watched,” he said. “In the fourth quarter, you have to give advice to the players while having a video meeting before the next game. Here, when we called the operation time, he didn’t say a word because it wasn’t a courtesy to the opponent. I hope the hyungs such as Moon Jung-hyun and Park Moo-bin will talk more when they are on the bench.”

If Korea University decides to do their best even after the match is decided, regardless of the opponent’s strength, it is right for the opposing team to do so even if it hurts.

It is because the intention is good that the players maintain the mindset of doing their best at any moment no matter which team they meet.

However, if you play a game full of greed for scoring, like at the end of the match against Hanyang University, your personal greed, not the team, may come out at a crucial moment.

Hanyang University and the last minute of the game need to look back at Korea University.

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