Lee Kyung-eun, fighting spirit at the last minute… Shinhan Bank saved

The overwhelming lead at the end of the game was narrowed in an instant and faced a crisis. At the moment when a dark shadow was about to be cast, it was the veteran’s power that revived the team. Shinhan Bank put the brakes on the winning streak of leader Asan Woori Bank with Lee Kyeong-eun’s brilliant performance at the end and moved one step closer to the 4th place shooter, the final line of the playoffs.

Shinhan Bank won 81-78 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball Woori Bank game held at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 18th, preventing Woori Bank’s 15 consecutive wins. Shinhan Bank, which achieved a 50% win rate with 9 wins and 9 losses, not only reduced the gap to 2 games with Busan BNK and Yongin Samsung Life Insurance (11 wins and 7 losses) in joint 2nd place, but also 5th place Cheongju KB (where Park Ji-soo returned and fiercely pursued). 5 wins and 13 losses) and the difference was widened to 4 games. On the other hand, after losing to Samsung Life Insurance on November 12 last year, Woori Bank, which forgot the defeat for more than two months, was caught after a long time. Still, it is an overwhelming lead with 17 wins and 2 losses. 카지노

At Shinhan Bank, some players during the All-Star break were unable to play due to the flu. Yoo Seung-hee, the main scorer, was also absent. However, Woori Bank’s power was not normal as Park Hye-jin and Choi Yi-sam, who injured the soles of their feet, were missing. Shinhan Bank manager Gunadan said, “We intend to try anything” before the game, and strengthened his determination.

From the first quarter, Shinhan Bank quickly increased the tempo with Kim Jin-young (30 points, 4 3-point shots) and shook Woori Bank. Woori Bank had a weak back-up member and relied heavily on key players, so the burden of physical strength was high, and Shinhan Bank dug into this point. At one point in the first quarter, it seemed to have an early victory, leading by 21 points. However, Woori Bank began to reduce the metallurgical gap from the second quarter, putting pressure on Shinhan Bank, and then started a fierce chase in the fourth quarter. And with 3 minutes and 44 seconds left in the game, Park Ji-hyeon (21 points, 8 rebounds) scored and added an additional free throw to tie the score at 74-74.

The match that went back to square one was split in the hands of Shinhan Bank veteran guard Lee Kyung-eun (15 points, 7 assists), born in 1987. Lee Kyeong-eun scored a goal in the paint zone with 2:57 left in the game to make the lead 76-74, and even scored a wedge 3-pointer just before the end.

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