‘LG Defensive Nucleus’ Yoon Won-sang, “They follow me like a stickler”

“Rather than trying to do anything, I try to follow him like a dog.”

Changwon LG won 69-64 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Daegu Korea Gas Corporation home game held at Changwon Gymnasium on the 20th and won three consecutive wins. LG, who broke a three-game losing streak at home, recorded 19 wins and 12 losses, firmly holding the sole second place.

LG finished the game without being reversed once after scoring the first goal with Lee Jae-do’s 3-point shot 2 minutes and 3 seconds into the game. After taking a 20-9 lead with 1:17 left in the first quarter, they maintained a double-digit score difference, and seemed to win easily by running away to a 24-point difference in the middle of the fourth quarter. However, after calling the key players to the bench, the game was difficult to finish after being chased by 3 points. 온라인카지노

Lee Jae-do (18 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists) and Yoon Won-sang (12 points, 2 assists) took the lead from the first quarter on this day. The two players combined for 18 points in the first quarter alone.

LG coach Jo Sang-hyun said after the victory that day, “What I want from Lee Jae-do is to score points with mid-range shots in the pick game. The reason Yoon Won-sang is always selected as a starter is for defense rather than scoring. He uses Wonsang to lower the opponent’s main scorer’s stamina. Shooting is the next option. That part went well today (20th) in his (scoring) opportunity. There is no separate order. I ordered a lot of use of the screen, but that was okay in the beginning,” he looked back at Lee Jae-do and Yoon Won-sang.

Lee Jae-do, who came to the press conference with Yoon Won-sang, said, “I started off feeling good because I exchanged passes with Won-sang in the first quarter. That continued until the end of the game. This season, there are many cases where Won Sang and I come in (to press conferences), but in the end, the two of us are the key points of our team. Recently, Won-sang and I were really bad, but as we took on the starting line in front of LG, if we lead the rest of the game well, we will have a comfortable game like today.”

Yoon Won-sang said, “I am happy to win the first home game in the second half, and it feels even better to win three consecutive wins. The home win rate is not good, but I will try to raise the home win rate with this opportunity.”

Yoon Won-sang, who defended against players taller than himself, such as Lee Dae-seong, said, “I try to follow him like a dog rather than how to do it.” Even if it is pierced, the fact that there are players behind it is very big, so I feel comfortable defending. I just try hard to follow him.”

LG struggles with a poor shot success rate in home games. This day was also not good at 22% (June 27). Nevertheless, Yoon Won-sang made 3 out of 5 3-pointers.

Yoon Won-sang said, “(The shooting success rate in home games) is not good. I went well today,” he said. “I paid more attention. However, the coach caught (the shot) separately yesterday morning, so I paid more attention than the expedition.”

Yoon Won-sang put a lot of effort in defense and was sluggish in scoring. It is the first time since the Gas Corporation (12 points) on December 16 last year that it has scored double digits.

Yoon Won-sang said, “It was a difference in confidence. When I look at the games I didn’t participate in, there was a psychological thing I was trying to enter. Even if I didn’t go in, I was confident and it led to good results.” He explained why he stood out in the attack after a long time.

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