Man Utd legend practiced shooting behind staff’s back→’Unprecedented’ free-kicking skills→Fans cheer “with God” at “will he make a comeback?”

David Beckham, Manchester United legend. Beckham ended his career with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) on May 13, 2013. That’s about 10 years and 2 months ago.

Today, Beckham is almost 50 years old. The 48-year-old’s impeccable free-kicking skills have sparked speculation of a comeback.

On July 27, David Beckham proved that he hasn’t lost his magical free-kick ability, heralding a comeback, The Sun reported.

Fans were blown away by Beckham’s free-kick ability in the video. It’s hard to believe that Beckham is 48 years old. Beckham is actually a co-owner of Inter Miami, but he’s not just an active owner. He often sneaks in to watch the players train at their home stadium, DRV PNK Stadium, and plays with the ball himself. If he were in his training clothes, he could be mistaken for a Miami player.

When the players weren’t around, Beckham was practicing free kicks on the home field. On a sunny downpour, with the goalkeeper lined up, he fires a shot from outside the penalty box. The ball deflects and hits the top left corner of the goal. The goalkeeper flailed, but it flew out of his hands and into space.

According to the article, this was a practice free kick, so there was no wall of players in front of it. The distance is outside the penalty box. He curled it with his right foot.

After the perfect free kick, Beckham captioned the video on social media. “Looks like I’ll be back”…

Some people were more excited than Beckham. Beckham’s fans. It was an uproar. Fans went crazy over the video. Some fans even compared it to Lionel Messi scoring a free kick goal in his Inter Miami debut. “That’s Lionel Beckham,” “The King of Free Kicks,” “The real GOAT,” and countless other accolades.

Beckham, meanwhile, has been enjoying himself since Messi’s arrival. On Messi’s debut, he hugged his wife, Victoria Beckham, and broke down in tears when Messi scored a theatrical free kick against Cruz Azul in the League Cup 2023 at home on Nov. 21.

He was also delighted when Messi scored two goals and provided an assist in a 4-0 win over Atlanta United in the MLS. The club’s owner, David Beckham, has been in the spotlight almost as much as Messi for his laborious signing. 메이저사이트

Beckham also broke down in tears at Messi’s induction ceremony on July 17. Beckham walked down the aisle with Messi and handed him a pink jersey with the number 10 on it. After Messi’s acceptance speech, the two embraced deeply.

“It’s an emotional night,” Beckham said. “It’s an emotional night,” Beckham said, “and my longtime dream of bringing Messi to Inter Miami has finally come true. Thank you to everyone,” Beckham said.

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