Mulrich, “Renewal of the contract with Seongnam? I didn’t even think about it… Satisfied with both uniform and life”

Mulich did not hide his love for Seongnam FC. It was truly ‘true love’.

Mulich came to Seongnam last season. A lot of fans watched the Seongnam game with focus on the news that a tall striker over 2m had arrived. Those who actually saw Mulich called him a monster. His tall height and physicality were overwhelming, and he had a high speed, so it was difficult to block. He scored at every decisive moment and became a great force for Seongnam. He even created an issue of leaving after taking off his top, which was also helpful to Seongnam in terms of 온라인바카라 marketing.

After successfully finishing last season, Mulich signed a new contract with Seongnam before returning to his hometown of Serbia. There were news that many clubs at home and abroad wanted Mulich, but he chose Seongnam. Mulich, who has kept his loyalty to Seongnam, has returned from a short vacation and is preparing for the season by digesting his field training. It is clear that Mulich will play an active role as the core of Seongnam’s attack this season as well.

In a phone interview with InterFootball, Mulich talked a lot about his life outside the game as well as inside the game. Although he had been through an interpreter and had been interviewed, it was possible to get a sense of Mulich’s character. Compared to his rather intimidating appearance and physicality, he was introverted and serious. He also revealed his satisfaction with Seongnam and South Korea, and how much he values ​​Seongnam fans.

Q. Before leaving for Serbia, you renewed your contract with Seongnam. It may not have been an easy decision and there must have been many suggestions, but why did you choose Seongnam?

“Honestly, I didn’t worry too much. My agent said there were teams that wanted me, but the only thing in my mind was renewing my contract with Seongnam. They supported me physically and mentally like a family member. Coach Nam-il Kim gave me the trust that ‘If I play more in Seongnam, I will develop further and there will be good results’, and there was also an aspect of me repaying it by renewing the contract.”

Q. Did your family and friends ask you a lot about Korea after you went to Serbia? How did you express it and what did you particularly emphasize?

“I went back and only talked about good things. He explained that Korea and Seongnam are places where there are a lot of tall buildings, except for those that don’t exist. He talked about Korea variously and recommended that you go on a trip if you have a chance. Among the places I visited, Korea was He added that it was the best.”

Q. I went on a long-distance flight, self-quarantine, and did field training. What is your current physical condition?

“I was isolated during the 1st and 2nd battery training, and it was difficult to get along at first because the new players joined Seongnam. It was positive. My condition is good. I hope the league starts soon.”

Q. It’s your second year in the K-League. What would be the difference from when you were preparing in your first year?

“There is a huge difference. In my first year, it was difficult to adapt because it was my first time in Korea. There were cultural differences, I had to know the K-League style, and I needed to adapt to life in Seongnam. You could say I spent a lot of time on it.”

“This time it was different. I know how to train and prepare, and I have experience in the K-League, so I am preparing steadily without any problems. My trust with coach Nam-il Kim has increased. Overall, I am satisfied.”

Q. When you came back from vacation and joined the training camp What if director Kim Nam-il ordered something?

“Coach Nam-il Kim said while preparing for the preseason, ‘You have to improve further.’ He said, ‘You are a player who can do that. He also sent me. I developed my ball-keeping ability and focused on training to show my strengths more in real life.”

“I had a recent meeting, and he praised me for better training performance than last year. I’m sure that if the flow continues, both individual and team results will be good. I’m just grateful to coach Kim Nam-il for always motivating me and trusting me.”

Q. I am a foreigner alone in Seongnam. There will be times when you will feel lonely.

“I’m not lonely at all. The team has changed a lot, but I’m getting closer and I’m living a good life with Kwon Soon-hyung and Kim Min-hyuk, eating and drinking coffee.

Q. It seems that you are not enjoying your life in Korea well after coming amid the COVID-19 situation.

“Originally, my personality is not extroverted. When I take a break, rather than walking around, I go to a cafe near my house, drink a cup of coffee, take a selfie, and use SNS. Or I meet Mugosa. Other than that, I don’t really do anything outside. That’s why I’m more careful. I’m sorry about the COVID-19 situation, but personally, I think I’m enjoying my life in Korea.” 온라인바카라

Q. There are so many new players in Seongnam ahead of this season. Are there any players you are particularly close with?

“I talked a lot with Kwak Gwang-seon. He spoke to me in a friendly way first and joked with me in short English. I also communicated a lot with center back Kim Min-hyeok from Jeonbuk Hyundai. I was picked, but overall we are close.”

Q. The team has changed and even a club house has been created. I went to cover the clubhouse, but the bed seems a bit small for me. how you feel

“I haven’t been to the clubhouse myself yet. The interpreter took a picture and sent it to me, but it looked small. As a joke, he said it would be okay if we put two beds together.

Q. I saw an interview where young rookies in Seongnam said they were surprised to see Mulich and that it was really difficult to stop him. As a Seongnam senior, if you could give me some advice.

“When I was training recently, I competed with Kim Ji-soo, who came up from Poongsaeng High School, and he jokingly said, ‘If I grow one or two more years, I will be able to compete!’ It will be,’ he advised. The same goes for other rookies.”

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