Newly joined Willis and Moss cannot break Samsung’s losing streak

Samsung’s new foreign players played their first game. But I couldn’t win the match.

Seoul Samsung met Suwon KT in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular season game held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on the 19th and lost 66-77. Even after replacing two foreign players, the losing streak could not be broken.

Samsung has newly appointed coach Eun Hee-seok this off-season. They also tried to improve the team culture by recruiting veteran Lee Jeong-hyeon (191cm, G). At the beginning of the season, there were definite results. Coach Eun showed energetic basketball with strong defense and activity. And that led to victory. In the first round, they recorded 6 wins and 4 losses.

However, from then on, Samsung struggled with players’ injuries. Various players such as Kim Si-rae (178cm, G) and Marcus Derrickson (203cm, F) left the team due to injuries, and Samsung was shaken after that. He failed to properly form players and recorded 4 wins and 14 losses in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. 3 losses in the 4th round. Accordingly, Samsung replaced Derrickson with Emmanuel Terry (202cm, C), who did not play his role properly. They recruited Darral Willis (201cm, F) as the first option and Anthony Moss (202cm, F) as the second option.

The two players joined Samsung ahead of the All-Star break and worked together while training together during that period. And in this match, the two players showed their first line. Willis recorded 24 points and 9 rebounds. The field goal success rate was 39% (9/23), which was somewhat disappointing. Still, the aggressiveness of the attack was outstanding. Moss also recorded 6 points and 3 rebounds in 11 minutes.

Coach Eun Hee-seok, whom we met before the game, said, “The two foreign players are definitely active and energetic. However, the frame is thinner than the video. As such, instantaneous movement is better. It takes time to adapt to the team,” he said, evaluating the two players.

Then, “Willis, the first option, has a strong aggressive tendency. He also attacks inside, but his frame is a bit thin. He’s never played a practice game, so he’s not sure.”

The first player to start was Willis. Early in the game, Willis seemed out of sync with his team. In defense, he overlapped with Lee Won-seok (206cm, C) and allowed offensive rebounds to the opponent. At 2 minutes and 2 seconds into the game, Han Hee-won (195cm, F) contested a breakthrough goal, but conceded a goal. He even committed two fouls in the first four minutes of the first quarter.

In the attack, the timing of the screen was not right, and the proper attacking opportunity was not seized. He also committed an offensive foul and attempted his first shot 3:35 into the game, but it went completely off the rim. The 3-point shot he attempted afterward also turned away from the rim. Willis scored his first point 4:50 into the quarter. After a successful defensive rebound, Yang Hong-seok was fouled. He made all of his free throws and made it 4-11. 4 minutes and 11 seconds before the end of the first quarter, he reported KBL’s first field goal with a breakthrough score following a post-up. Willis, who later added a second chance, recorded 6 points and 3 rebounds in the first quarter.

Moss also entered the field 48 seconds before the end of the first quarter. Recorded a steal on the first defense. After that, I tried to post up in the early offense situation, but failed. 

Moss, who came out first in the second quarter, ran for 1 minute and 49 seconds, only attempting one shot and committing one foul.

Unlike the first quarter, Willis, who was replaced by Moss, caught the ball more actively communicating with his teammates. And he went on the attack aggressively. He was not pushed back in a physical fight against Prosper (204cm, C). He also raised the atmosphere of the team by attempting a quick attack against Jarrod Jones (206cm, C).

At 4:32 at the end of the quarter, a quick break was added to make it 26-33. It was regrettable that the mistake that came afterward was Willis, who raised the atmosphere of the team. Willis, who scored an extra point, scored 9 points in the second quarter alone. However, he was replaced by Moss after committing a foul 2 minutes and 27 seconds before the end of the quarter.슬롯사이트

Moss, who started in the second quarter, also actively attacked thanks to Willis’ performance. He added 4 points by succeeding in all shots he attempted after being substituted. Thanks to the performance of the two players, Samsung succeeded in catching up. Made 36-44.

Willis helped the team pursue by adding a 3-point shot at 4 minutes and 10 seconds into the third quarter. Willis’ goal made the score 45-46. After that, Samsung gave 5 points in a row and gave the atmosphere. But even in the midst of that, Willis led the team’s pursuit through scoring. Afterwards, Willis helped the team attack with a pass when the opponent actively pressed. Thanks to Willis’ performance, Samsung continued to pursue.

In the 4th quarter, Willis showed off a hot shot. The frequency of directly touching the ball increased. And accordingly, the movement matched with the team members. He was responsible for all of the team’s first four points.

But after that, Willis failed to score consecutively. It was necessary to score in the match, but Willis did not play that role. Moss, who was put in place of Willis, was the same, and Samsung failed to escape a losing streak. 

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