“No medical problem, family-oriented decision”… ‘252 billion’ Correa, can’t be seen at WBC

Minnesota Twins’ Carlos Correa withdrew from Puerto Rico’s participation in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

On the 7th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), the local multiple media, including the US ‘The Athletic’, reported that “Minnesota Twins and Carlos Correa decided not to participate in the WBC under mutual agreement.”

The reason why Correa, who was likely to participate in the WBC as a member of the Puerto Rico national team, did not participate is because Correa’s wife’s second childbirth date is set while the WBC is in full swing. According to ‘MLB.com’, Correa’s wife is due to give birth on March 12, and Puerto Rico has a Group D round scheduled from the 12th to the 16th. Ultimately, after careful consideration, Correa decided not to participate in the WBC.

“After thinking about the upcoming WBC, Correa decided that it would be best for him not to participate, so he decided not to attend,” said Derek Palvey, President of Minnesota Baseball Operations. decided,” he said.

Correa is the person who received the most attention in this Stove League. Correa signed a jackpot contract with the San Francisco Giants for a total of 350 million dollars (about 441 billion won) in 13 years, but the contract was canceled when problems were discovered in the medical test. Afterwards, Correa seemed to sign a free agent contract with the New York Mets once again for 12 years and $315 million (approximately 396.9 billion won), but this also failed due to medical problems.

Since then, Correa, who has been unable to find a destination, has returned to the arms of her ‘parent’ Minnesota. Correa signed a contract with Minnesota for 6 years and 200 million dollars (approximately 252 billion won), and if all options are executed, 안전놀이터 the contract size will increase up to 1 billion 270 million dollars (approximately 340.2 billion won).

This winter, the ‘medical’ problem caused a big topic, but the WBC absence was simply because of the wife’s childbirth problem. ‘MLB.com’ said, “Correa’s free agent (free agent) contract was canceled twice due to health problems this offseason. However, the WBC absence is entirely a family-centered decision and has nothing to do with any medical problems.” and drew a line.

Puerto Rico’s power is expected to weaken a little as Correa, who wielded a fire bat, failed to participate, such as recording 3 homers, 9 RBIs and 10 points in the 2017 WBC, but it is still expected to be strong.

‘MLB.com’ added, “Cristian Vazquez, Jose Miranda, Jorge Lopez, Emilio Pagan (both Minnesota), Jose Berrios (Toronto), and Eddie Rosario (Atlanta) are expected to board the Puerto Rico national team.”

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