‘PL-National team senior’ Lee Cheong-yong, “Son Heung-min, he always did it like a show”

“Son Heung-min has always done it proudly”.

Lee Chung-yong, the best player of Ulsan Hyundai, spared no advice for his close friend, Son Heung-min (Tottenham).

Ulsan started field training in Portugal on January 21st. The average temperature these days in the Algarve is 17 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for training. The atmosphere is top notch.

Last week after arriving in Portugal, the entire team had time to build teamwork while touring Lisbon, the capital, which is a short distance away, to relieve the accumulated fatigue.

In addition, they are raising the atmosphere to the fullest by winning the Brentford B team and the Atlantic Cup competition. Ulsan, who played their first official game after finishing last season, achieved results that exceeded expectations. It is a team composed of young players, but it showed a fierce appearance against the Brentport B team, which is continuing the season.

After the game, Lee Chung-yong had a light talk with the reporters who visited the field training ground. In particular, it was a story about Son Heung-min, who has not been able to show results as expected recently. Lee Chung-yong, a national team senior and Premier League senior, did not worry about Son Heung-min. He said it would definitely happen again.

Lee Cheong-yong cheered, saying, “Probably (Son) Heung-min also expected the media’s attack when he was sluggish,” and said, “It’s not that he hasn’t experienced it. 메이저놀이터 Every time that happened, he did a good job.”

He continued, “Heung-min seems to be that kind of player. Whenever people said ‘I’m sluggish’ or ‘I’m not as good as before’, I always did it proudly. He’s not worried at all,” he explained.

Lee Chung-yong entered the Premier League through his K-League performance. Lee Chung-yong, who made his professional debut at FC Seoul, joined Bolton Wanderers in the Premier League in 2009 based on his league performances. Despite many concerns, Lee Chung-yong showed off his skills to the fullest. He won the hearts of Bolton fans.

In 2015, he moved to Crystal Palace and continued his Premier League career. Lee Cheong-yong played not only in the Premier League but also in the German Bundesliga. He is a veteran player who has played 245 matches in the Premier League.

Especially in the national team, the relationship is deep. When Son Heung-min was first selected for the 2011 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup in Qatar, he was one of the key players. At that time, the national team showed ‘cartoon soccer’ centered on Lee Chung-yong. Lee Chung-yong continued to interact with Son Heung-min in the national team and met in England to overcome difficult times. Also, after moving to Germany, Lee Chung-yong worked diligently as an overseas senior, giving advice to Lee Seung-woo (Suwon FC).

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