PSG attack Mbappe for refusing to sign new contract → Team instructed to train on Japan departure time

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is looking to sell Kylian Mbappe after he refused to renew his contract.

PSG announced its roster for the Asia Tour on Wednesday (Feb. 22), and Mbappe was left off the roster. Mbappe, who is one year away from the end of his contract with PSG, had previously indicated that he would not renew his contract. PSG have expressed their anger at Mbappe, who they suspect has a deal in place with Real Madrid to join them next summer for no transfer fee.

PSG has given Mbappe until July 31 to decide whether he wants to re-sign with the club. PSG were expected to pursue a move for Mbappe in the summer transfer window if he formally informed the club that he would not be renewing his contract. However, PSG’s decision to drop Mbappe from its roster ahead of its Asia tour has set the stage for a parting of ways 메이저놀이터.

French outlet Agence France-Presse reported on April 22, “Mbappe has been left off the Japan tour roster and has not been called up for the pre-season Asia tour. PSG have decided to confront Mbappe over his contract extension. A new duel between PSG and Mbappe will unfold. The outlet added: “Mbappe will train at 4pm with the players who are not on the Asia Tour. At around the same time, PSG’s main players will board a flight to Japan at 5 p.m.,” suggesting that Mbappe’s future at PSG could be in jeopardy if he does not re-sign.

French media outlet Le 10 Sport also reported on Mbappe’s exclusion from the Asia tour roster on the 22nd, stating that “PSG has attacked Mbappe, which is surprising” and that “PSG wants to sell Mbappe in the transfer window this summer, and Mbappe hopes to join Real Madrid on a free transfer after a year.

‘With Mbappe wanting to stay at PSG for another year without a new contract, other clubs will not miss the opportunity. Chelsea have been informed of Mbappe’s transfer terms. Chelsea has not yet made an offer to PSG, but the Blues are trying to convince Mbappe. Al-Hilal will offer Mbappe a two-year contract for €200 million a year. PSG will be offered €200 million as a transfer fee,” the source added.

Mbappe was recently the subject of a controversial interview about PSG. In an interview with France Football, when asked what PSG needs to win the UEFA Champions League, Mbappe replied, “I don’t know what PSG lacks to win the Champions League. It’s not a question for me. It’s a question for the people who build and organize the team.” “I’m doing my best in my role. I was the French Ligue 1 top scorer for five years in a row and was voted best player. I don’t think playing for PSG will help me win the Ballon d’Or. The team is divided,” he said.

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