‘Road to International Competition’ women’s national baseball team selection, 65 people’s passion and best!

‘Road to International Convention.’ The Korean women’s national baseball team has begun its journey towards the international competition to be held in 2023. On this first journey, 65 people who are said to be the best at baseball in Korea joined.

The temperature was above 3 degrees, but the wind blew strong and it felt like freezing. Nonetheless, 65 people gathered here in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, shouting “fighting” to each other with booming voices and trying to do their best to show all their abilities. For two days from the 18th, the 2023 women’s baseball national team selection game was held at Hwaseong Dream Park.The 65 players were given vests with their uniform numbers written on them, and they did their best in front of coaches Jeong Geun-woo, Lee Dong-hyun, and Jeong Yong-woon, as well as head coach Yang Sang-moon of the national team. 메이저놀이터 Due to the cold weather, his hands froze and his pitching was not as good as usual, and the outfield floating ball was strongly shaken by the wind, so he often lost his position, but he did not give in and burned his fighting spirit until the end. Yang coaches and coaches did not hide their satisfaction at the enthusiasm of the players.

The participants, who started their day schedule by warming up in pairs and receiving fungo from the coaches, ran for a total of 12 hours over two days, excluding an hour for lunch. “I don’t think I can do well because it’s too cold.” Last year’s national team member K, who was smiling nervously at the reporter, suddenly changed his eyes when it was his turn and took his blow seriously.Since Korea does not yet have a women’s professional baseball league, participants with various stories gathered from all over the country. A player born in 1973, a mother who gave birth to two children and challenged the national team again, a middle school teacher, a securities company intern, a college student who took a leave of absence and challenged the national team, a high school senior who had to take the CSAT this year, and the youngest special participant Born in 2008, a junior high school student until. All of them have been training individually in various places throughout the winter to prepare for the day’s selection.

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