Ryu Hyun-jin to start at Triple-A on Sept. 22, “minimum 5 innings, 80 pitches”

Toronto Blue Jays’ Hyun-jin Ryu will make his fourth rehab start.

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Schneider announced that Hyun-jin Ryu will make his fourth rehab start in an interview before the team’s home game against the San Diego Padres at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ryu will make his first rehab start for the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons on April 22. He will pitch against the Syracuse Mets (Triple-A New York Mets) at NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse, New York.

Recovering from Tommy John surgery, Hyun-jin Ryu is making good progress in his rehab starts. In three starts, he has a 1.50 ERA with two runs allowed in 12 innings.

In his last start at Triple-A on April 16, he allowed one run on three hits (one homer) in five innings with five strikeouts. He threw 66 pitches.

Schneider said, “He’s going to throw at least 80 pitches. We’re looking at 85 pitches. If he gets to 85 pitches, we’ll feel comfortable. We want him to go at least five innings, maybe six,” Schneider said of his pitch count.

This will be his second straight start on five days’ rest. When asked what that means, he said, “I’m taking my normal breaks in between starts. Whether it’s four days or five days, we’ll decide based on the rotation. At this point, the extra rest is good for him.”

“I threw on four days’ rest because of the All-Star break schedule,” said Ryu, who had previously pitched on four days’ rest when he was promoted from Rookie to Single-A. When asked if he would continue to pitch on five days’ rest after his return, he said, “When (the team) tells me to pitch, I have to pitch.”

If Ryu is successful in his next outing, he’ll have built up to the point where he’s ready to pitch normally. In some cases, it could be his last rehab start. 먹튀검증

Schneider also left the door open for a final checkup, saying, “We’ll see how his next start goes.”

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