Salary adjustment loss, WBC also eliminated… Choi Ji-man and PIT, it’s embarrassing

Choi Ji-man (32) continued his awkward streak with his team, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

On the 18th (Korean time), the US media, including, reported all at once that ‘Choi Ji-man lost to his team Pittsburgh at the salary adjustment hearing’. Choi Ji-man wanted an annual salary of $5.4 million (7 billion won) this year, and Pittsburgh claimed $4.65 million (6 billion won), but the hearing judged that Pittsburgh’s claim was more reasonable.

Even in the 2022 salary negotiations, Choi Ji-man had the experience of going to a hearing without being able to narrow the disagreement with his former team, the Tampa Bay Race. At the time, the hearing raised his hand to the annual salary of 3.2 million dollars (4.1 billion won) requested by Choi Ji-man, but he could not convince the hearing for two consecutive years.

Choi Ji-man has been constantly making noise since he was traded to Pittsburgh in November last year. Choi Ji-man was eliminated from the 2023 World Baseball Classic national team due to Pittsburgh’s opposition, and also confronted the club during the salary negotiation process. 스포츠토토

Regarding the opposition to the selection of the national team, the Pittsburgh general manager and coach explained that it was a decision to manage Choi Ji-man, who had elbow surgery after last season, but Choi did not hide his disappointment.

When Pittsburgh first recruited Choi Ji-man, there were more positive voices saying that they had brought in first baseman and dugout leader. However, as the situation repeatedly colliding with the club before wearing the Pittsburgh uniform properly, voices of concern are emerging little by little.

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