Sano, who ruined the free agency season due to injury, is looking for a new team through a showcase

Sano opens a showcase.

Darren Wolfson of ‘Skor North’ said on February 3 (Korean time) that Miguel Sano will hold a ‘showcase’ for major league teams.

According to Wolfson, Sano will hold a showcase in Tampa on the 8th. Sano, who became a free agent after last season with the Minnesota Twins, has yet to find a new team.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1993, Utuuta infielder Sano made his big league debut in Minnesota in 2015 and played eight seasons in Minnesota alone. He played in 694 career games, where he hit .234/.326/.482 with 162 home runs and 418 RBI. He is a giant gun with excellent strength and came in 3rd place in the Rookie of the Year voting in his debut season and was also selected as an All-Star in the 2017 season.

Although Sano has built a stable career, he only played 20 games last year due to an injury. He suffered another knee injury that plagued him throughout his career, hitting .083/.211/.133 with one 스포츠토토 home run and three RBIs in 20 games.

Sano hit the 30 home run mark twice in his career and also hit 30 home runs in the 2021 season. He lacks finesse and strikes out a lot, but his on-base ability is good and his power is excellent. His defense is disappointing, but he’s always a hitter whose hitting productivity is well above league average. There is no doubt about the skill of a healthy Sano.

And Sano is still 29 years old. It’s unlikely that he’ll be completely shunned by clubs in this offseason market. This showcase seems to be the intention of Sano to win a better contract by proving his health to the clubs.

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