“Satisfied with the feel of the shot” Park Min-ji leaves 5 holes and leaves early for 6 strokes

‘Trendy’ Park Min-ji (25, NH Investment & Securities) returned to the Park Min-ji fans knew by showing off a terrifying shot feeling.

Park Min-ji won an early victory against Kim Ji-young 2 in the second round of the ‘KLPGA Tour 2023 Doosan Match Play Championship’ held at Ladena CC located in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 18th.

Park Min-ji, who had lost to Lee Joo-mi in the first round the previous day, had to play on the edge of a cliff to prevent elimination, and showed strong concentration from the beginning of the second round.

Following the birdie on the 2nd hole, Park Min-ji, who started to take the lead by winning a point on the 3rd hole (see Kim Ji-young 2), started to widen the score gap by catching a birdie on the 8th hole. He birdied again to secure victory.

The score of ‘6 & 5’ was engraved on the electronic board, indicating that she was ahead by 6 strokes with 5 holes left, and Park Min-ji was able to leave work early with a victory confirmed regardless of the result of the remaining holes.

After finishing the second round, Park Min-ji said, “I didn’t feel like shooting yesterday, so I tried to find sharpness today. After expressing his feelings, he said, “I thought I had a weakness in the short game, but he tried to recall the play of players who were good at it on the Japanese tour. Thanks to that, I was also satisfied with the short game today. He still had the idea that he had learned something from Japan,” he said.

The encouraging part is, of course, ‘feeling’. Park Min-ji said, “Unlike the first round, there were many shots that fit the course strategy and distance calculation as I thought.” I will try to hit my shots well and put all my putts,” he said boldly.

However, the reality to advance to the round of 16 is not easy.

First of all, Park Min-ji, who is currently recording 1 win and 1 loss, must defeat Jeon Ye-seong (1 win, 1 draw) unconditionally in the last 3 rounds. If you draw or lose, you are eliminated.

We also have to watch the confrontation between Lee Joo-mi (1 win, 1 draw) and Kim Ji-young 2 (2 losses) starting right in front. This is because if Lee Joo-mi defeats Kim Ji-young 2, who has already been eliminated, she will secure her first place in her group on her own. If Lee Joo-mi draws with Kim Ji-young 2 and Park Min-ji defeats Jeon Ye-seong, the overtime match between Park Min-ji and Lee Joo-mi is confirmed.

In the match play between the two players, only the first place player in each group advances to the round of 16, after which the knockout stage will be held to determine the winner. Park Min-ji overcame the difficulties of the 2021 tournament and became the last one in this tournament 스포츠토토.

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