Saudi Arabia offers 286.7 billion… ‘UCL off the list’ if you don’t leave

Kylian Mbappe, 24, who has fallen out with Paris Saint-Germain, has been approached by a Saudi Arabian club, who want him to leave and will penalize him if he does not re-sign.

“Al-Hilal has offered Mbappe 400 million euros ($573.4 million) for two years, with a transfer fee of 200 million euros ($286.7 million),” Fabrice Hawkins, a reporter for French outlet RMC Sport, reported on social networking services (SNS) on Feb. 22 (KST), adding that the club also planned to allow Mbappe to leave the club next season to join Real Madrid.

Mbappe’s relationship with Paris Saint-Germain came to a head this summer. With one year left on his contract, Mbappe refused to re-sign with the club and “dropped the bomb” that he would be leaving as a free agent next summer. Paris Saint-Germain responded by stating that they would not pay Mbappe a year’s salary if he did not re-sign with them. 토토사이트

Paris Saint-Germain then decided to exclude Mbappe from the Asian tour. Paris Saint-Germain are spending their preseason in Japan and South Korea, and Mbappe’s name was nowhere to be found on the preseason roster released by the club on Wednesday. “Mbappe is training at the club’s training facility alongside Julian Draxler (29), Leandro Paredes (29) and Giorginio Binaldum (32), who will not be traveling with the team,” French outlet Le Parisien reported.

With Paris Saint-Germain in the thick of things, the Saudi clubs are now targeting Mbappe as they look to add to their star-studded roster this summer. Following Hawkins’ report, French outlet Foot Mercato’s Santi Auna wrote on social media that “the Saudis now want to sign Mbappe. Having failed to sign Messi, they are preparing a huge offer for Mbappe to come to Al-Hilal.”

The transfer market heated up even more as leading journalists claimed that Al-Hilal had approached Mbappe. With the likes of Karim Benzema, 35, N’Golo Kante, 32 (Al Ittihad), and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, 28 (Al-Hilal) all heading to Saudi Arabia, it could change the course of soccer history if the world’s best player, Mbappe, were to follow suit.

But Mbappe still has plans. He wants to spend the rest of the year at Paris Saint-Germain and then become a “free agent” to take on new challenges. Paris Saint-Germain don’t want to lose their best player for a pittance. “Paris Saint-Germain are prepared to leave Mbappe out of their UEFA Champions League squad if he does not re-sign,” Ben Jacobs of CBS Sports in the United States wrote on social media on Wednesday.

Paris Saint-Germain’s streak of superlatives is pushing Mbappe to the brink. The upcoming season is crucial for Mbappe, who hopes to qualify for Euro 2024 next summer. All eyes are on Mbappe’s future as his relationship with the club has become irreversible.

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