Shock hard after 15 hours of taking office…”I lacked caution” What happened?

There is a manager who was sacked after 15 hours in office.

On the 11th (hereinafter Korean time), CF Montreal officially announced that it had terminated the contract with Sandro Grande (46), who was recently appointed as the manager of the reserve team, through the club’s official website. It has been 15 hours since Grande announced the appointment of manager on the 10th.

“Montreal is terminating the contract with Sandro Grande,” said CEO Gabriel Gervais. told

“We sincerely apologize to anyone who has been hurt or upset by this. We were not careful and underestimated what he said and did a few years ago,” he announced.

What did Grande do to make this happen? Following the 2012 assassination attempt on former Quebec Prime Minister Pauline Marouis, 74, Grande wrote on her personal social media account, “The only mistake the assassin made was not hitting the target,” 온라인바카라. according to Montreal-area CTV News. Climbed on the cutting board.

He claimed his account had been hacked, but not many believed it. 

Meanwhile, President Gervais said at a press conference immediately after the announcement, “I apologize to former Prime Minister Maroua, the Quebec political party, all club partners and fans, and to all Quebec citizens who must have been hurt and shocked.”

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