Spring camp training, it looks the same, but it changes every day

Training also evolves. Since it is the preparation period for the season, the repertoire changes little by little every day. If you look at it, it seems like throwing, hitting, receiving, and running are everything, but if you look closely, it is ever-changing. Do not throw, hit, catch, or run recklessly. It is a pleasure to watch the spring camp.
Doosan started camp on the 1st at the Blacktown International Baseball Center (Blacktown Stadium) in Australia. Veteran outfielder Su-bin Su said on the 5th, “Because he has held spring camps in Korea for the past two years, his activity level is very different. Although the training time is long, he is working hard because it is a necessary time for the preparation process for the season.” He said, “Doing outdoor training in a warm place definitely helps wake up the senses. The range of motion is also wide, so memories forgotten over the past two years come to life.”

In the first three days of training, I focused on waking up the ‘memory of muscles’ that had been dormant all winter. In the training resumed after a sweet day’s rest, it switched to awakening the senses. It is used as a time to give the body a signal that it is ‘moving again’, warm up sufficiently, and regain the ‘sense’ necessary for baseball, such as timing and balance.
Just looking at the pitchers’ pitching in the bullpen, the first three days they pitched lightly, focusing on fastballs, but from the second turn onward, the intensity of pitching increased. From the 4th, batters also entered the bullpen and watched the pitcher throw the ball from the plate. Hitting coach Koji Goto said, “From the 11th, live pitching and live betting immediately follow. There was a forecast of rain for two or three days in the early and middle of the week, so we adjusted the schedules of the batters.”

He said, “I practice batting consistently, but the pitch the pitcher throws is different. When he is suddenly faced with a live ball, he has no choice but to adapt. Even if he doesn’t swing, he helps restore his senses just by watching the pitcher throw the ball.”

Running and defense also change little by little every day. In particular, after coach Jeong Su-seong joined, he puts his energy on strengthening base base detail, and everyone from top veteran Kim Jae-ho to rookie Yoon Jun-ho is digesting without exception. The training, which started with a ‘special lecture on the importance of running base play’, is adding more detail by making a hit in a short base turn, skipping at 1st base, going out as a runner, and then pioneering the main base for additional advancement. 안전놀이터 When going from 1st base to 3rd base or from 1st base to home, there is a difference of more than three or four feet depending on which route is selected, so they are keen to develop their own routes that suit each player’s speed, body type, and playing method. .
Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “If you want to play 144 games in the regular season, you cannot win by simply hitting, throwing, and running. He emphasized that when the team falls into a slump, it will have the power to overcome it when details such as strategy, base run, and defense are added.” This detail needs to be refined at spring camp. This is the reason why spring camp does not consist of long and tedious repetitive training. Just as baseball is a living organism, the preparation process evolves.

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