Sumire “I want to write a guest article in Korea”

Japanese “Go Fairy” Nakamura Sumire (14-仲邑菫-photo) 3rd dan has announced her intention to become a guest knight of Korean origin. Sumire is a star knight who has had a colorful career, including being the youngest to join (10 years old) and the youngest to win a title (13 years and 11 months).

Satoru Kobayashi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Japan Go Association, said on November 11, “It is natural to want to improve your skills at a higher level, and we strongly support Sumire’s challenge.” 온라인바카라

In reality, however, the Japanese go world is in a state of shock. Sumirei has been a key figure in Japan’s efforts to catch up with the Sino-Japanese game, creating a special enrollment system to allow early enrollment and support for banned players.

It’s hard to imagine Japanese go without Sumire. The transfer of the title holder abroad is also unprecedented. The international balance would be even worse. The case of Ruina Yiwei, the world’s strongest player but a “pariah,” is completely different from Sumire’s.

Sumire’s case will be decided by the Board of Directors (end of October) after a recommendation by the Korean Knight of Origin Delegation (13th) and discussion by the Steering Committee (15th).

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